The Hanging Bridges of Chulilla Valencia

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Perhaps best known amongst the climbing community for some of the best rock faces in Spain, Chulilla also has some incredible hiking routes. But by far the most spectacular is that of the Hanging Bridges of Chulilla or the Pantaneros Trail as it is also known. 

Other awesome Chulilla hiking routes include the trails to Charco Azul and the 6000 year old Paleolithic cave paintings and Gollisno Cave (Cueva del Gollisno). There’s also a mega route that takes in all three – more on that in a bit.

the hanging bridges of Chulilla Valencia
River Turia gorge

The Hanging Bridges of Chulilla

In this guide we’re covering everything you need to know about the route of the Hanging Bridges of Chulilla, Spain. Plus we’ve got all the FAQ’s covered, including where to park, what to take and the best time to go. Let’s get to it!

Los Pantaneros de Chulilla Trail 

A looped trail to Loriguilla Reservoir, the route follows the path made by the workers of Chulilla when they were building the dam during the 1950’s. Heading deep into the gorge of Hoces del Turia, it crosses the Turia river via the impressive hanging bridges of Chulilla. 

The first is 15m above the river and 20m in length, with the second 28m long but only 5m high. They are both safe and relatively new, having been rebuilt in 2013. The originals were swept away in the catastrophic floods of 1957 that carried on to destroy much of Valencia.

puentes colgantes Chulilla
hanging bridges Valencia

Before you head down into the Los Calderones gorge be sure to stop a while at Mirador de Compuertas and Mirador de la Carrucha. The views over the incredible landscape stretching out below you are insane. You’ll also have a birds eye view of Charco Azul. 

Ruta De Los Calderones

It’s a gentle descent into the gorge – albeit with a sheer drop to the left of the path so do proceed with caution. You’ll reach a pretty spot called Paraje de Los Calderones where a small stream called Rambla de Losa crosses the path running down into the River Turia. 

From here it’s a moderate climb down some steep steps to the first of the hanging bridges of Chulilla. After that some more steps will lead you into the bottom of the gorge. The contrast of the rich green vegetation against the almost orange vertical rock walls is visually stunning. 

River Turia Chulilla
Los Pantaneros Trail Chulilla

Following the river a little, you’ll soon come to the second of the hanging bridges of Chulilla. You can either head back from here, or continue on to Loriguilla Reservoir. It’s a particularly beautiful part of the hike, as the gorge narrows and winds its way through tall bamboo.

Look out for the ruins of the 18th-century chapel of San José de los Gancheros. This is where the loggers who transported timber down the River Turia to Valencia used to take shelter.Watch out for rock climbers overhead too.

If you do continue up and around the Loriguilla Reservoir it’s 10km there and back and will take around 3-4 hours. Depending on your walking pace, how often you stop to take photos and whether or not you opt for a wild swim in the River Turia between the two bridges. 

Alternative Circular Route

If you’re feeling energetic and don’t fancy walking back the same way, you can instead head on from the Loriguilla Reservoir and into the Valfiguera ravine (Barranco de Valfiguera).

It’s a 16km circular route that will take you past the cave paintings and Cueva del Gollizno onto Charco Azul before landing you back in Chulilla village. It’s signposted PR-CV 77 trail.

Chulilla hiking routes
Chulilla Valencia

You should allow for 5-6 hours to complete it. 

To access the cave paintings you’ll need to leave the main path and head off to the right, down some steep steps so keep your eyes peeled for a signpost reading ‘Pinturas Rupestres’.

Returning to the trail, the route then climbs up and out to the left and offers spectacular views of the ravine below plus the highest peaks of nearby Cerro Negro and La Moratilla.

Continuing to the left you’ll see a glimpse of the white washed house of Chullila in the distance.

Heading down towards the River Turia then you’ll need to take the so-called botanical path marked SL-CV 74. Running along alternating sides of the river bank, this part of the hike takes you onwards to Charco Azul which you’ll recognise from the start of the trail. 

Charco Azul from above
Charco Azul Chulilla

After visiting Charco Azul you can take a path left out the gorge which winds up through farmland into the centre of Chulilla. You’ll pop out near a water fountain.

Chulilla Hiking FAQ’s

Where is the parking for the hanging bridges of Chulilla?

The nearest carpark to the start of the route for the hanging bridges of Chulilla is just as you are leaving the village. Alternatively there’s a parking area a little further up directly opposite. Do bear in mind though that the ground is very uneven and there’s a large dip to access it.

Chulilla car parking
Chulilla camping

What should I wear for hiking in Chulilla?

Lightweight layers are always the way to go when hiking. It can be cool in Autumn and in Summer the sun can be brutal so either way it’s best to cover up as much as you can. Don’t forget a hat and comfortable footwear is a must. 

What should I take for hiking the hanging bridges Chulilla?

The only water source on the trail is the River Turia. So unless you have a proper filter water bottle you’ll need to take plenty of water along with you. Other essentials are suncream, snacks and your swimwear if you fancy taking a dip in the river to freshen up.

hanging bridges chulilla with kids
wild swimming hanging bridges Chulilla hike

We always travel with a filter water bottle. Not only does it stop us getting ill, but it means we’re not killing the planet or wasting money on plastic bottles. The GRAYL Geopress is hands down the best on the market & makes water from virtually any source safe to drink.

Where is the start of the route?

The start of the Ruta de Los Pantaneros trail is a short walk north out of the village of Chullilla. Head up the road, CV-394, and you’ll see the start of the trail signposted on the left opposite an unofficial parking area. 

Are the trails signposted?

There are signposts and information panels in both Spanish and English all along the Ruta de Los Pantaneros. Just head for Los Calderones (the National Park), Puentes Colgantes (the hanging bridges) and Embalse de Loriguilla (the reservoir). 

Hanging Bridges of Chulilla Trail
Los Calderones

From the Loriguilla reservoir you’ll also find the alternative longer circular route back signposted as PR-CV 77.  

When is the best time to visit Chulilla Hanging bridges?

The Ruta de Los Pantaneros trail is great anytime and is open all year round. It does get very hot over the summer months and there isn’t much shade, so it’s best to avoid the hottest part of the day. Naturally, the trail is busier at weekends and during holidays. 

Is there an entrance fee for the Hanging Bridges of Chulilla?

At the start of the hanging bridges of Chulilla trail there’s a small wooden hut which is manned during busy periods (i.e. weekends/holidays) to provide capacity control. You will also be expected to pay an eco-tax of €1 per person for the maintenance of the area. 

Is the Hanging Bridges of Chulilla trail suitable for kids?

With caution, absolutely. Things to note safety wise is that the ground is very uneven in places, there’s a sheer drop off one side of the path and quite a few steep steps. It’s definitely not suitable for pushchairs so you’ll need a carrier if your kiddo isn’t steady on their feet yet.

Los Calderones Municipal Natural Park
Chulilla Spain Hiking Routes

Can you take dogs on the Chulilla Hanging Bridges?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Los Pantaneros de Chulilla Trail. However do be sure to keep them on a lead on the descent. Both for their own safety and that of others. The path down into the gorge has a sheer drop and is rather narrow in places.  

Can I swim in the River Turia?

Yes, between the two The Hanging Bridges of Chulilla there’s an absolutely delightful swimming spot. But it is cold, even at the height of summer. The water is shallow enough to stand up in but do be careful of the current the deeper you go. 

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