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When you think of Peru, the first thing to spring to mind is probably Machu Picchu, and that’s understandable. But whilst the Inca Trail is undoubtedly the trek of a lifetime, trust us when we say there is much more to discover in in this country!

Inca traditions are widely celebrated in Peru making it the perfect place to learn about the history and culture that make this country what it is today. It’s also building a reputation as an adventurer’s paradise with many visitors trying out activities like zip lining, paragliding, sand boarding and rafting. And then there’s the food. With the cuisine now rated as one of the best in the world and incorporating influences as wide ranging as Japanese and Italian, it’s sure to get your tastebuds dancing.

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    Trekking the Inca trail is not to be underestimated! You’ll be battling with steep climbs, high altitude and long days that start before sunrise. Here’s our top tips on how to survive the Inca trail hike: