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Before we set off on our first backpacking trip we knew virtually nothing about how to travel the world. But now we do it full time, we have some expert tips to offer you first time travellers planning your adventures.

How To Book the Cheapest Flights Possible

There is plenty of misleading advice out there on how to secure yourself the cheapest flights possible. We’re lifting the lid on our secrets and how we always manage to get a good deal.

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Getting paid to travel the world may sound like a dream, but there are so many opportunities out there that it’s possible to make it into your reality. Check out these 15 ways to get paid to travel the world.

Dublin On A Budget: A Weekend Guide

How expensive is Dublin? It can be very. But it is possible to keep costs down and still see the best of this incredible European City. Here’s how to find cheap accommodation in Dublin and lots of things to do in Dublin for free.

11 Common Misconceptions About Mexico

There are so many misconceptions about Mexico that sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe. Find out the things that people often get wrong, and discover the real truth about this wonderful country.

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