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About Us

We used to think that living the lives we now lead was out of reach. That travelling the world full time was something only dreams were made of and building a business that would sustain a lifestyle of freedom was, well, impossible. 

But it’s not and here we are.

Travel is our passion, it has truly changed our lives. And here at The Whole World or Nothing we want to provide you with the inspiration and information to help you design your own travel adventure.

We’ve had some epic adventures on the road so far and are constantly adding to that list.

Whether that’s screaming our heads off while flying over the Copper Canyon in Mexico on the world’s longest zipline, exploring the amazon rainforest or snorkelling with sharks, we believe that the best travel experiences lie at the end of your comfort zones.

When the world pressed pause on travel in 2020 we unpacked our backpacks and switched up our travel style to try our hand at vanlife

So while we couldn’t travel, we put all our energy into creating a tiny home on wheels that we can take anywhere. And many years later, we’re still living in the van now.

We’re so happy you’re here to join us and we hope to inspire more of you than ever to get out there and do what sets your heart on fire.

What’s with the name, The Whole World Or Nothing?

Well we’re not really the passport-stamp collecting types and it’s not our ambition to travel to every country, or even every continent in the world. Actually that sounds pretty exhausting. That’s not what the name’s about.

In fact, it’s not even really about travel.

The Whole World Or Nothing is all about the spirit. The spirit of getting out there and making your dreams a reality, whatever they are. The spirit of keeping on moving forward regardless of how difficult it may seem. The spirit of doing something you love over any other alternative.

It’s from a line by one of our favourite authors, Charles Bukowski, who was all about doing. 

He also said: “if you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start”. 

We’ve found these words to live by. Phew! That got heavy didn’t it!

Okay now it’s over to you! Check out our blog, have a look around our site and let us know if you have any questions. 

James & Sarah xx

P.s. If you’ve got time, head on over to one of our other blogs.

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