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“Amazing Thailand” is the original backpackers’ paradise. The most popular tourist destination in South East Asia does not disappoint – get lost in the madness of Bangkok, catch some rays on the stunning tropical islands and learn the fascinating history and culture that Thailand is steeped in.

We loved the delicious and varied street food that’s found throughout Thailand – a real highlight! Despite it being a well-travelled road, Thailand still has plenty of off the beaten track gems to be discovered.

  • How To Stay Safe When Renting A Motorcycle in South East Asia

    Renting a motorcycle is a great way to get around when you’re in South East Asia but it’s not without its dangers. Here’s how to keep safe and do it right.

  • Adventure Day Trips in Chiang Mai

    Staying in Chiang Mai for a while? Fancy a trip out from the city centre? Rent a motorcycle & head out on some adventures to the crazy Sticky Waterfalls & the beautiful Grand Canyon! 

  • We Loved Nong Khai & Here’s Why

    Crossing the Thai-Laos border & unsure which route to take? We’d recommend the First Friendship Bridge & a stop off in beautiful Nong Khai. We loved Nong Khai & here’s why!  

  • Culture Shock: From Tokyo to Bangkok

    As much as I was not expecting to have to take my shoes off to enter a public toilet as we were in Tokyo I was not at all prepared to witness two separate incidents of adults shitting in flower beds in the street, as I did within hours of arriving in Bangkok.