8 Best Tapas Bars In Granada RIGHT NOW

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Aside from visiting the Alhambra, the thing we were most excited for while visiting this gorgeous Andelucian city of Granada was the food. We’d heard so many good things and couldn’t wait to get stuck into what essentially turned out to be a multiday tapas bar crawl. 

So we’re pretty confident when we say here that these are the best tapas bars in Granada right now because we sampled A LOT. And while there’s a few that make it onto most lists of granada tapas bars, and for good reason, there’s also a fair few lesser known ones too.

Best Tapas Bars in Granada Spain

Best Tapas Bars in Granada, Spain

Now having a complementary tapa served with a drink is the norm in many parts of Spain. But in Granada the quality and the quantity is on a different level. Most days we didn’t actually eat proper meals as we were so stuffed from the variety of small plates we were being served. 

Map of Best Granada Tapas Bars

We’ve popped all the locations of the best tapas in Granada in a map for you so you can see while you’re wandering around doing your sightseeing, when you are near one to pop in. 

Okay, in no particular order, let’s get stuck into giving you the lowdown on just why exactly these places are so damn good. 

La Buena Vida

Tucked away behind the cathedral there’s a popular handful of tapas bars and at first glance La Buena Vida doesn’t look all that special. But take a closer look at La Buena Vida menu and you’ll soon see why this is a must place to eat tapas in Granada.

You see the unique thing about this place is that you get to choose the free tapa from a menu. The goats cheese and caramelised onion tosta is a winner, as is the Falafel. There’s quite a few good vegetarian options actually here, and all for the cost of a €3 glass of wine or beer. 

La Buena Vida Tapas Bar Granada
La Buena Vida Tapas Bar Granada


No matter the time of day you find this popular place lively. It can be quite hectic inside, which only adds to the friendly vibe if you ask us. The decor in Tocateja is as colourful as the atmosphere with bright modern artwork adorning the exposed brickwork walls. 

But if you’d rather there’s outside seating too that’s a little more chilled. Either way, the service is fantastic. Expect cured meats, tasty cheeses and mouth watering stews to be served alongside a nice cool glass of Aguila house beer. The vermouth is also excellent here. 

best free tapas bars in granada
Tocateja Granada


This isn’t the cheapest place on this list for tapas. However, located smack bang in front of the Cathedral, the views don’t come much better than at this place. So while the bar interior is lovely, a place on the terrace at Rollo is where it’s at and the house beer is delicious. 

We could have stayed here for hours people watching, it’s just one of those places that sucks you in. Plus the service is fantastic. It’s also a fantastic spot for breakfast if you’re up and out early on your sightseeing adventures. 

best bars in Granada
Rollo Granada

Bodegas Castañeda

Probably the most popular place when it comes to the best tapas bars in Granada, but not without good reason. The exterior of Bodegas Castañeda is gorgeous and once you see the sharing platter coming out you won’t be able to wait to get stuck into yours. 

Inside it’s a proper traditional tapas bar with huge vermouth barrels behind the bar and dried hams hanging from the ceiling. It’s always busy so there might be a wait. But the service is spot on so you won’t be left without a drink in one hand and a tapa in the other for very long. 

Bodegas Castañeda Granada

Puesto 43

This was our very favourite tapas bar in Granada. Seriously, we could have stayed here all day. If you love seafood like us, you’ll be in seventh heaven here. We’re talking lightly battered juicy bacalao and succulent garlic sauteed prawns level of free tapas. 

It’s super popular with Granadinos so you’ll need to arrive early to nab a seat outside on the terrace. It’s located on the leafy green square of Plaza de Gracia and overlooked by the pretty church, Parroquia Nuestra De Gracia. Seriously picturesque. 

best tapas in granada
Puesto 43 Granada

Mercado San Agustin 

This dynamic spot where market stalls meet tapas bars is an absolute must for your Granada itinerary. Inside you have traditional seafood, meat and cheese stalls, but running alongside them you have individual tapas bars. It’s such a cool concept.

So you can literally wander around the market stall, pick what you want fresh from stalls and then the chefs at the tapas bars will cook them up for you. It’s such a vibrant atmosphere there and definitely one of the more unique experiences to have in Granada. 

Mercado San Agustin Granada
Mercado San Agustin Granada

Bar Los Diamantes

A repeat offender on most lists of the best tapas bars in Granada, this hotspot is busy all the time. You’ll likely be waiting a little while for a table but it’s 100% worth it. It’s another seafood tapas bar so expect complimentary samples of fried fish, crispy shrimps and tasty paella.

Along with the food, the electric atmosphere inside is what makes Bar Los Diamantes so popular. And while there’s a few high stools knocking about its standing room at high tables or along the bar. The service is super quick and you’ll be leaving with a full belly for sure. 

Bar Los Diamantes Granada
Bar Los Diamantes Granada

Rosario Varela

Last but by no means least on our rundown of the best tapas bars in Granada right now is this gem. It might feel a little out of the way if you’re not staying nearby but you won’t regret a visit here. The bar has a chic industrial feel to it and it opens as a late bar with a great vibe.

But the tables outside on the terrace at Rosario Varela are perfect for kicking back with a mid afternoon glass of vino or vermouth and watching the world go by too. And you’ll only find yourself more satisfied when the hearty complementary tapas portions arrive at your table. 

Tapas Bars in Realejo Granada
Vermut and tapas at Rosario Varela

If you have any favourite Granada tapas bars to add to this list, don’t be shy, pop the details in the comments and let your fellow travellers enjoy!

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