The Best Oaxaca Coffee Shops For Digital Nomads

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The thing we love most about being digital nomads is the flexibility it affords in our working location. The thing we hate the most is poor wifi. When an hour long job turns into 3 because of a dodgy connection. Eurgh! Genuinely makes us want to snap our laptops in half.

Unfortunately despite the size of the city, Oaxaca initially started out as one of those locations that makes us despair when it comes to work. Spotty connections dropping off every few minutes and practically dial up upload speeds.

The first place we stayed in was a pretty nice hotel but the internet was shoddy at best. The next place we stayed in was a hostel, but the only communal area was in the kitchen and everyone and their dog seemed to be streaming stuff at all times of the day.

Luckily however, Oaxaca City has some wicked cafes for digital nomad working. So if you work on the road like us and are having wifi issues in Oaxaca city, or just fancy sampling some awesome coffee shops while you upload your travel snaps, this post is for you.

Best Oaxaca Coffee Shops For Digital Nomads

Laberinto Cafè/Casa de Arte

This funky little spot is a cafè/art gallery and we spent a couple of very pleasant hours working away in here. The owner is an artist and was drawing some huge graffiti style pieces on the white walls as we were tapping away.

James in a coffee shop

We had chocolate frappés and they were delicious, they also serve a selection of coffees and beers ranging from around MX$30-50 pesos (£1.20-2.00GBP/$1.60-2.60USD). We didn’t eat here but they did also have a food menu.

The wifi is decent, it’s small so not much room for distraction and the staff were totally cool with us working. There are a couple of plugs knocking about, but not many so try and be fully charged before heading here. It’s open 9am-10pm.

Calle Porfirio Díaz 310, Ruta Independencia, Centro

Cafè Cafè

We spent a morning happily working away in this Oaxaca coffee shop. The wifi is good but it is however right on the corner of a pretty busy intersection of road so it was quite noisy. The staff were really helpful if a little overbearing, but not in a rude way.

We just had some teas while were here which weren’t the best we’ve had. The menu was quite pricey compared to the other places we’re listing here starting at around MX$50 pesos (£2.00GDP/$2.60USD). They also serve food and it seemed a popular spot for breakfast.

Oaxaca coffee shop

The tables are kind of situated away from the walls so even where there are plug sockets they’re not easy to use, so again be sure you’re charged up before heading here. It’s open 8am-9pm.

Calle de Manuel Bravo 219, Oaxaca Centro

Best Wifi In Oaxaca City For Digital Nomads

Cafè Los Cuiles

This was our favourite coffee shop for working in Oaxaca city. It’s quiet, casual, has some beautiful decor and just generally has a nice vibe about it. There’s a space inside at the front and then a bigger courtyard space out the back.

The wifi is quick and there were usually a few people working on laptops when we were in there. There are plenty of plug sockets. The staff generally just left us alone to work and we just gave them a shout when we wanted to order something else.


The cafe de casa is really good, the teas are brewed with fresh ingredients and the huge jugs of fresh lime water are really refreshing. We ate here too and the food was pretty good. The coffees start at a reasonably priced MX$24 pesos (£0.95GBP/$1.25USD) and the rest of the menu follows suit. It’s open 8am – 10pm.

Labastida 115, Ruta Independencia, Centro


If you’re coffee snob you’ll want to be heading here. They roast their own local beans and they make their brews seriously strong. The place smells amazing. It really doesn’t look much from the outside but opens up into a really pretty courtyard.

It’s a very chilled environment to get some work done in, the wifi is good and the staff were really helpful at shifting a few things around so we could use a plug socket. Prices start at MX$28 pesos (£1.10GBP/$1.50USD) for an americano.

James drinking coffee

They also serve a whole range of other traditional mexican drinks, such as horchata, and sweet treats including brownies and icecream. It’s open 7.30am – 10pm.

#103 interior 3, Calle de M.Bravo, Centro

Café Brújula

There are actually two of these Oaxaca cafes on the same street and four in total in the city. The one at the top of the street is the larger of the two but both get pretty busy due to their central locations and passing foot trade.

The staff seemed happy for us to stay as long as we wanted though, quite a few other people were working in there and the wifi was fine. Just don’t bank on a quiet working atmosphere or a table near a plug socket.

The menu is a little more expensive than the others but they roast their own coffee and pride themselves on their pouring latte art. They also have quite a large food and snack selection. It’s open 8am-10pm.

Calle Macedonio Alcalá 104, Ruta Independencia, Centro

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