How to Get to Teotihuacan the Cheapest and Best Way

by | 21 Jul, 2017

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When we asked our Airbnb host how to get to Teotihuacan independently by public transport, he looked at us slightly strangely before telling us that we would be much better going on a Teotihuacan tour. “It’s much easier” he said “as getting there by bus is slightly complicated and getting an Uber to Teotihuacan will be pretty expensive”.

Though we have nothing against tours, wherever possible we much prefer to make our own way to places using public transport. We’ve done it all over the world, from the Great Wall of China (although that was an experience worth reading about in itself) to Iguazu Falls, and it’s a part of the experience that we love.

We rightly anticipated that visiting Teotihuacan was going to be an incredible experience, and wanted to spend as long there as possible and move around it at our own pace rather than being rushed around in a tour group.

After doing a bit of research and piecing together some of the information we’d read, we got there with absolutely no problems and found it both simple, and far cheaper than booking onto a tour. If you’re up for an adventure and want to do the same, here’s how to get to Teotihuacan the cheapest and best way.

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How to Get to Teotihuacan – Metro to Autobuses del Norte Station

Work out how to get from where you are to Autobuses del Norte metro station, it’s on the Yellow Line 5 towards the north of the metro map as you look at it.

The metro system in Mexico City is convenient, efficient and extremely cheap at only $5 MXN pesos (around £0.22 GBP or $0.28 USD) per journey. Lots of people told us to be careful on the metro because there are pickpockets and it gets extremely busy, but the metro is the same as any big city in the world from Tokyo to London.

metro station Autobuses del Norte Metro Station

Arrive at Autobuses del Norte & Buy Bus Ticket to Teotihuacan

When you exit the metro station, the Autobuses del Norte terminal is directly in front of you, you can’t miss it.

autobuses del norte The bus terminal you’re looking for

Once you’re inside, turn to your left and walk past all of the offices selling tickets to various destinations, and continue right down to the end of the station. Here you’ll see a sign saying “Puerta 8” and it’s around there that you’ll find the office selling the bus tickets to Teotihuacan.

Sala 8 at Autobuses del Norte Sala 8 at Autobuses del Norte

Find the booth that says “Piramides” and it’s here you’ll buy your tickets from. They cost $50 MXN (£2.18 GBP or $2.85 USD) each way, and you can either buy a return ticket here or pay for your return directly on the bus back. It doesn’t really make a difference whether you buy the return or not, but we did just for the security of knowing we had a ticket. The staff at the ticket booths speak English so don’t worry if your Spanish isn’t up to much, they’ll ask you where you’re going and if you want a return.

ticket booth The ticket booth

The tickets to get to Teotihuacan have the departure time of your bus printed on them so take note and make sure that you don’t miss it. We didn’t realise this at first and went off to the shop to buy a drink and a snack, fortunately our bus wasn’t for 20 minutes otherwise we may not have made it! When we were there the departure times were extremely frequent at every ten minutes.

Teotihuacan tickets Teotihuacan tickets with time on

Once you’ve bought your tickets to Teotihuacan, go through exit 8 to left of ticket booth. There’s a small shop here if you do want to buy a drink or snack for the journey and a waiting room. Outside the waiting room you’ll find all of the buses lined up. These buses are going to destinations all over the country so it’s important to get this part right!

buses lined up There are lots of buses lined up!

It can be slightly confusing which queue to get in, firstly because not all of the buses are the one you want, and secondly because depending on how early you are there may be different queues for different times. We asked a guy in a high visibility vest and he put us in the right queue, which was not the one we would have got in. Much better to ask and be safe as this is the only tricky part of how to get to Teotihuacan.

bus says Piramides on the front The bus says “Piramides” on the front

The buses are extremely comfortable and the tickets have allocated seats printed on them so you’re guaranteed a seat. From here it should take about an hour so sit back and enjoy the ride. Some of the scenery on the journey was worth the ticket price alone, with views of the colourful favela style housing sprawling high into the mountains that surround Mexico City, so stay awake if you can.

journey to Teotihuacan Cool scenery on the journey to Teotihuacan

After about 50 minutes, the bus stops in the pretty town of San Juan, it’s not far from Teotihuacan but don’t get off here or you’ll have a bit of a walk. Stay on until the driver shouts “piramides” which will be at puerta 2 of the site. If you have a view out of the front window you’ll have already caught sight of the Pyramid of the Sun. The street is lined with restaurants, bars and street sellers, a surefire indication you’re near to a big tourist site.

First glimpse of Teotihuacan from the bus window

Once you’re off the bus just walk in the direction of the Pyramid of the Sun and you’ll see the ticket booth on the left.

Teotihuacan ticket booth Teotihuacan ticket booth

How to Get Back to Mexico City from Teotihuacan

To get back to Mexico City leave the Teotihuacan site through Puerta 2 where you came in and turn right. Cross the road, and about 10 metres along is where the bus will stop. There’s no physical bus stop so don’t worry too much on exactly where along the road you are, you can wave it down from pretty much anywhere.

Puerta 2 Puerta 2 where you get dropped off and where you leave to get the return bus

The buses stop running back at around 18.00 so make sure you’re on one before then. They can get full up as well so it’s best to leave a bit earlier to make sure you catch one because there are no allocated seats on the way back.

How Much it Costs to Get to Teotihuacan Per Person Each Way

Metro to Autobuses del Norte – 5 MXN pesos (around £0.22 GBP or $0.28 USD)

Bus from Autobuses del Norte to Teotihuacan – $50 MXN (£2.18 GBP or $2.85 USD)

Total $55 MXN pesos (£2.40 GBP or $3.13 USD) per person each way

Entrance Costs & Opening Times for Teotihuacan

Entrance Ticket – $70 MXN (£3.06 GBP or $3.98 USD)

There is also an additional charge of $45 MXN (£1.97 GBP or $2.56 USD) to use electronic video recording devices, but we asked whether we needed to pay this to record on our phones and cameras and they said no. We think this is just for professional type recording equipment.

Teotihuacan is open between the hours of 8.00 and 17.00.

Teotihuacan entrance costs & opening times Teotihuacan entrance costs & opening times

If you have any questions about getting to Teotihuacan let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help. If you use these instructions to get to Teotihuacan let us know how you enjoyed it!

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