Argentina v Brazil: The Battle of Iguazu/Iguaçu Falls

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In the part of the world where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet lies one of the most astoundingly beautiful things that I have ever seen. Approximately 3km of humongous jaw-dropping waterfall chains cascade over the lush green national park landscapes of Foz du Iguaçu in Brazil and Puerto Iguazu in Argentina.

Literally meaning ‘large water’ the Iguaçus/Iguazus are separated by the Paraná river with each side being accessed via its respective country. Many people have an opinion on which side they prefer so let’s see what you think…

Sarah facing the iguazu falls This was the first view we saw from the Brazilian side, the vastness took my breath away.

iguazo falls view Literally standing on top if them, peering over the edge. The views were out of this world!

Iguazo falls at a far view And it just kept getting better, everywhere you turned was a view to rival the last.

an animal sniffing his next mealThese cute little fellows were EVERYWHERE, their long noses ideal for sniffing out there next meal. They weren’t fussy and believe me they took no prisoners with their sharp claws and teeth – not a welcome dinner guest!

iguazo falls at Brazilian side This was the climatic view from the Brazilian side, you could walk across it to gaze up at the ‘devils throat’ and just make out the tiny people over at the Argentinian side peering down into it.

iguazo falls at Brazilian side With a flow capacity THREE times that of Niagra Falls, the noise was deafening and you got wet!

Sarah at Iguazo falls on Argentinian Side The Argentinian side wasn’t any quieter. This is at the very top overlooking the ‘devils throat’.  The rain and spray made it like standing in a power shower with water coming at you from all angles. It was absolutely exhilarating!

James on his carrier bag Not so exhilarating was the sight of J in his raincoat with his carrier bag. Hilarious.

beautiful iguazo fallsOnce again the views just kept coming, every path leading to a different waterfall and different vantage points!

rainbow on iguazo falls As the rain subsided we were incredibly fortunate to see this beautiful rainbow against such a stunning backdrop.

breathtaking view of iguazo falls Just another breathtaking view. It was so difficult to comprehend the enormity of all the falls.

James and Sarah at iguazo falls We absolutely loved every second of our time there, if it’s not on your bucket list to visit it should be.

So which is side is best? We simply couldn’t choose! For us they were completely different, yet equally as awe-inspiring. Let us know what you think in the comments…


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Iguazo falls with text overlay Argentina V Brazil the battle of Iguazu Iguacu falls