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The Best Toilets for Campervans

The best toilets for campervans have the ability to turn your rig from an adequate getaway vehicle into an off grid beast. 

In fact the right campervan toilet (paired with the correct solar setup) can make you virtually self-sufficient and completely cut your reliance on service points or campsites.

We did loads of research when we were looking for our first campervan toilet. But ultimately we ended up with something that wasn’t right for us. 

Not only that, but we persevered with it for over three years **facepalm**.

Thankfully we have now found the best campervan toilet for our specific set up. And we want to help you do the same. 

Without the three year trial period!

However, that’s not to say that our campervan toilet choice is right for you. This is definitely a case of horses for courses. 

So we’re gonna run through the best toilets for campervans and which type of van they’re most suitable for. 

Is a Campervan Toilet Necessary?

For us as full time vanlifers, the question of whether a campervan toilet is necessary is an easy one. Personally, we wouldn’t want to live in a van without a place to do our business. 

Of course plenty of people live and travel in campervans without toilets and get by perfectly well. 

But the whole idea of vanlife for us is the freedom it provides. Go virtually anywhere, live as self sufficiently as possible, stay off grid for as long as we can. 

And part of that freedom is to be able to go to the toilet in relative comfort wherever we are. Be that at a remote beach or in an inner city car park.  

This level of freedom simply wouldn’t be possible without a campervan toilet. 

I know some of you are probably thinking “but what could be more freeing than dropping a deuce in the woods dude?”. 

In reality, not having a toilet in your van means you can only go campervanning in remote places. Places where there’s space to free your feculence responsibly. 

That said, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from living in our self converted sprinter for over three years and the hundreds of people we’ve met along the way living the same lifestyle, it’s that there’s more than one way to do vanlife! 

And the right way for you may be to go in search of public toilets. Or carry a sh*t shovel with you so you can make like the pope in the woods every morning. Horses for courses and all that. 

Anyway, the fact that you’ve stumbled onto this post about the best campervan toilets suggests you’re probably after something a little more evolved than a hole in the ground. 

So is a campervan toilet necessary for you? You probably already know the answer to that question. 

Short on Time? Here’s Our Top Campervan Toilet Recommendations:

TRELINO Composting Toilet Evo L Anthracite…
  • DELIVERY: Shipment has 2 trackings. Please contact us for further questions.
  • LIKE AT HOME: With our composting toilet, you are flexible when travelling without having to compromise on comfort. It is ideal for installation in motorhomes, caravans, garden sheds or tiny houses
  • ODOURLESS: The separation & drying function effectively prevents the formation of odours. Without the need for chemicals or water, you are also independent of disposal stations
Thetford 92820 Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet,…
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 414 x 383 x 427 mm
  • Capacity of flush-water tank: 15 L
  • Level indicator display for the waste-holding tank: Yes
  • Level indicator display for the flush-water tank: No
  • Capacity of waste-holding tank: 21 L
Bivvy Loo Camping Toilet -…
  • Folds away flat for easy storage and transportation. Pops up in seconds
  • Strong steel axis frame supports over 150kg
  • Comfortable oval seat
  • Package includes 40 biodegradable wipes, 12 NEW Compostable liner bags & 12 sachets of waste managing powder to convert liquid waste to a manageable gel – Please note the amount of liquid converted to gel will vary depending on the salt content of the liquid.
  • Use compostable bags within 9 months of purchase

Read on below to find out pros and cons for each camper van toilet and which type of van we recommend them for.

How to Choose a Campervan Toilet

As we’ve touched on already, the question of how to choose a campervan toilet is really a personal one. 

It depends on what you’re planning to use your campervan for – is it occasional weekend warrioring or full time living?

It depends on the space you have – a full bathroom or a small corner of a drawer? 

And of course it very much depends on your budget. 

Because I’m gonna tell you straight up, toilets for campervans range in price from the tens to the thousands. 

Yeah you heard that right. Thousands. 

But don’t worry if you don’t have big dollar to drop on a long drop. We’ve picked out campervan toilet options to suit every budget. 

Not only that, but we’re going to run through the pros and cons of each type of toilet. Plus we’ll cover things to look out for when you’re choosing your campervan toilet. 

One thing to be aware of is that you shouldn’t rule out any options based on price alone. 

This is because some of the pricier recommendations on this list are only more expensive when it comes to up front costs. 

Once you’ve made the initial outlay there are virtually no ongoing costs. This could potentially save you lots of cash in the long run. 

The cheaper options generally have more ongoing costs and ones that you may not have already considered. This means that over a longer period of time they may actually end up costing you far more. 

When it comes to how to choose a campervan toilet, it’s best to think about how you intend to travel. 

Compost Toilets for Campers

I’m kicking off with what I believe are the Rolls Royce of campervan toilets. 

Having tried various other types and persevered with a Porta Potti for nearly 4 years, not getting a composting toilet earlier is undoubtedly one of our largest van life regrets.

Compost toilets for campers have been around for quite a while but have always had the reputation of being pretty pricey. Especially when compared to some of the cheaper options on this list.

In fact that’s one of the main reasons we never plumped for one when we first built our van. 

That and the fact that our bathroom opening is only 33cm (c13 inches) wide. 

So when we were originally researching the best compost toilets for campers, none of the options available actually fit through our doorway! 

I’m happy to report that over recent years the range and selection of composting toilets has only gotten better, broader (yet slimmer), and most importantly, more affordable.

Trelino – The Best Toilets for Campervans

Trelino Evo Toilet open on beach

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Trelino Evo toilet has completely transformed our experience of living in our van. 

In fact it’s given us an incredible amount of extra freedom and allowed us to live virtually 100% off grid. 

Our main limiting factor previously was having to constantly find places to responsibly empty our chemical cassette toilet. 

That meant more often than not having to visit a campsite at least once a week. And more realistically it was every 4 or 5 days.

Finding campsites where we could empty out was a pain. Essentially having to plan our trips around emptying our crapper took up a lot of emotional bandwidth. 

Not only that, but it was a pretty significant cost. 

Across much of Europe campsites can easily set you back anywhere from £20 to £40 PER NIGHT!! 

Even just a once a week visit could mean spending well over a hundred quid a month. Just to slop out our squitter. 

There are plenty of other benefits too. 

If you’ve ever used a chemical toilet you’ll know that it starts to whiff a bit pretty quickly. You can reduce the smell by adding more chemicals. But then your van stinks of chemicals. 

Emptying a chemical toilet is also less than fun. Sloshing your own excrement out of a plastic box is pretty unappealing. And depending on the facilities, it can be extremely unpleasant. 

Think brown splashes, malodourous leakage and nausea inducing aromas – I’ll say no more. 

What’s So Great About the Trelino Evo?

Man sitting on Trelino Evo composting toilet

Other than the fact that it’s given us a new sense of freedom, the Trelino Evo is simply a quality piece of kit. 

Super comfortable 

I’m just gonna put it out there that I actually find the Trelino Evo more comfortable than traditional toilets. 

The materials and the actual shape of the seat are just amazing, meaning you could spend hours on there. Trust me, I have. 

No smell

Something you don’t want when you’re living in a tiny space with a toilet, is for that toilet to smell. 

This was definitely one of our biggest reservations around getting a composting toilet. 

However, turns out that the odour is actually caused by the mixing of wee and poo. So by simply separating them out and drying the faeces with “litter”, you can avoid virtually any smell whatsoever.  

Don’t need campsites to empty it 

As already mentioned, this is an absolute game changer. For us it means the Trelino would essentially pay for itself in less than 5 months in saved campsite fees. 

That’s not even adding in the toilet chemicals we no longer have to buy.

Not only that but it’s given us more freedom on where we actually go. We no longer have to plan our trips around campsites or empty points. 

No more chemicals 

Leading on from that, we’re not using nasty chemicals any more. This is more eco friendly, and as I just said, cheaper. 

Yes, we do have the cost of “litter” which gets sprinkled on top of the solids to dry it out. 

But our preferred option is sawdust which we generally buy from pet stores and is extremely inexpensive. 

We estimate this to cost us just a couple of quid a month.

Huge capacity

The urine canister has a volume of 10 litres which equates to roughly 20 piddles. For us as a family of 3 this means we only have to empty it once every one or two days.

The solids container has a volume of 10 litres. That is somewhere between 10 and 20 number 2s. And, without revealing too much about our bowel rhythms, means we empty this container every 4-5 days.

Obviously the medium and small sizes have smaller capacities but they’re still sizeable enough to make them extremely convenient.

Easy to use 

When you first see a separating toilet, it can be a little intimidating. We wondered if we’d have trouble getting our aim right and end up with liquids in the solids section and vice versa. 

There was no need to worry. Even our two year old daughter manages to do this perfectly well.

The design is such that it just works without any major adjustments on the user’s part.

Looks stylish 

It’s superbly put together. So well, in fact, that it was awarded a prestigious German Design Award. 

It’s constructed from top quality materials, and part of the great design is that it’s super lightweight yet extremely robust. 

The sleek design would compliment any bathroom and it comes in two colours as well, white or anthracite (grey). Both super sleek.

No mechanics 

One of our favourite things about the Trelino Evo is that there are no mechanics involved. 

Various other brands of composting toilets require you to do stuff like churn or burn or whatever. The Trelino doesn’t.

You don’t even have to flush.

No moving or electrical parts means less can go wrong too. So you can have full confidence this piece of kit will last for many years with minor maintenance. 

Easy to clean 

Part of the great design is that it’s incredibly simple to clean. 

Unlike a chemical toilet which is virtually impossible to keep 100% clean, this is effortless.

We use a squirt of vinegar solution in the urine separator after a wee, and clean it with vinegar after we empty it. There’s not much more to it.

Soft close lid 

So often it’s the little details that make a product really stand out. And the addition of a soft close lid to the Trelino Evo is one of those. 

Watching that lid silently and smoothly swing shut is an absolute vibe. 

Especially as we live in a van with a toddler who sometimes isn’t the most gentle with things like toilet seat lids.

Use nice toilet paper

Because chemical toilets work by breaking down the solids into a sludge type liquid, you’re very limited to what toilet paper you can use. 

In fact it has to be two ply or less for that process to work. 

With a Trelino Evo you can use whatever you want. Upgrading to 3 or 4 ply instantly added another level of luxury to our travels. 

If you’re sold on a composting toilet and think the Trelino Evo could be the one for you then check it out here. Plus enter our special code TWWON at checkout to receive a free gift worth 30 quid. You’re welcome. 

Campervan Cassette Toilet

Thetford 92820 Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet, White-Grey, 414 x 383 x 427 mm

If you’re an occasional van tripper then a campervan cassette toilet may be the right choice for you. 

They’re simple to figure out. They can feel pretty much like a regular brick and mortar toilet. And they’re undoubtedly the most popular type of van toilet on the market. 

They’re also relatively cheap. At least when it comes to up front costs. More on that later. 

However, cassette toilets definitely have their drawbacks. 

How does a campervan cassette toilet work? 

A campervan cassette toilet basically has two main components – the flush tank and the waste tank. 

So you do your business and it lands in the top flush tank which is basically the toilet bowl. 

Once you’re finished, you then move it into the bottom tank by pulling what’s essentially a trap door lever. Your business drops below and you swill it down with the combination of water and chemicals you’ve loaded into the flush tank. 

The chemicals are designed to break down solids and certain types of toilet paper and have a very strong odour. Presumably to cover up any other very strong odours. 

Once they’ve worked their magic, you’ll ideally end up with a tank full of a liquidy substance.  You can then simply pour this out in a designated disposal area. 

So far so good. But let’s get on to the, uuuum, “bad sh*t”. 

Campervan cassette toilet drawbacks

The truth is that cassette campervan toilets start to hum pretty quickly. 

You may be fine with the smell of the chemicals. But after 3 or 4 days, regardless of the amount of fluid you add, you just can’t escape this fact. Your toilet is gonna stench. 

Which is why we say that these are fine if you’re an occasional campervanner. 

If you’re a full time vanlifer then we probably wouldn’t recommend. But they’re perfect for a few days away or if you’re someone that stays the majority of the time on campsites. 

Speaking of which, whilst the up front price you pay for the unit is definitely pretty low, the ongoing costs are something that you really need to be aware of when you’re choosing the best campervan toilet for you. 

Because on top of the initial unit price you also have to factor in the price of campsites or disposal points which you will need every 3 to 4 days. 

Next there’s the cost of the chemical toilet fluid itself which is not cheap. We’ve paid as much as £20GBP for a single bottle. 

Depending on where you’re travelling, these costs can add up pretty quickly. 

This means that over time, it may not actually be the most economically prudent choice.

On top of this, there are also what we’ll call the occupational hazards of emptying your full cassette. 

Let’s just say it’s pretty easy to unwittingly get spattered with brown water. 

I can’t overstate how unpleasant a task emptying your cassette toilet is. Of course you get used to it and you get better at it as time goes on, but you’re only ever one slip away from disaster. 

It’s also virtually impossible to clean your cassette properly at some dump stations because the facilities just aren’t up to scratch. 

Over time this means your cassette will build up a layer of grime that you just won’t be able to shift. 

Smallest Campervan Toilet

Bivvy Loo Camping Toilet - Portable Toilet - Festival Toilet - Fishing Toilet - Campervan Toilet - Camping Loo - Folds Away Flat - Supports Over 150kg (Green)

Finally in our search for the best campervan toilets is our recommendation on the best smallest campervan toilet. 

But whilst the smallest campervan toilet may not necessarily be the most high tech, it’s perfectly functional and will certainly help you out in a bind. 

Obviously this is probably best suited to layouts or designs without huge amounts of space to play with. 

A Bivvy Loo folds away flat and fits in a lovely little portable bag. This means you can keep it in a drawer or cupboard, assemble it for use, then simply throw it back where it came from. Jobbie done. 

Bivvy Loo Camping Toilet - Portable Toilet - Festival Toilet - Fishing Toilet - Campervan Toilet - Camping Loo - Folds Away Flat - Supports Over 150kg (Green)

It’s really easy to erect, you pull the two plastic bits apart and it pops up. You then clip the supports into place and you’re done. 

You then have to line it with a bag, and you can clamber on and do your business. 

If it’s just solids you can tie the bag up and dispose of it in a normal bin. 

If there are liquids in there you can use what they call a “waste managing powder” which turns any liquid into a semi solid gel. This is basically to prevent any unwanted leakages. 

Included in the pack when you buy one are 40 biodegradable wipes, 12 compostable liner bags and 12 sachets of said waste managing powder. 

Bivvy Loo Camping Toilet - Portable Toilet - Festival Toilet - Fishing Toilet - Campervan Toilet - Camping Loo - Folds Away Flat - Supports Over 150kg (Green)

It’s a very low tech solution to your toileting needs, but ultimately, it works. 

Would we personally want to have that as our toileting option in our van? No. But if you’re an occasional user and just want something for emergencies then this will work fine. 

Campervan Toilet Ideas 

There are lots of campervan toilet ideas which will allow you to incorporate a crapper into virtually any layout/design. 

Maybe you’re going for the full wet room bathroom setup that we have. Or perhaps you’re just after an emergency measure. For when you’re touching cloth and have no time to find a Maccie Ds to relieve yourself. 

Of course the best campervan toilet ideas are simply the ones that work for you. We hope this post has given you a helping hand in identifying that.