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How oomi Noodles Fuelled our West Highland Way Adventure

Blood, sweat and tears. Those are quite literally the three main ingredients that characterised our eventful journey along the West Highland Way. The 96 mile hike through the formidable Scottish Highlands took 7 days, but the journey to completing the legendary walk began a long time before we crossed the starting point in the little town of Milngavie.

We’d had it in our mind to give the West Highland Way a go for over a year, ever since learning about it from someone we met whilst trekking to the Lost City in Colombia. She’d described it as the biggest physical challenge she’d ever taken on, but when she told us about the breathtaking scenery and the sense of achievement she’d felt reaching the finish point, we knew it was something we wanted to do. In the intervening time we’d completed a good number of challenging hikes, both single and multi day and got ourselves into good condition to complete the West Highland Way.

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From time to time we team up with great companies that share our outlook and values, to promote products or services that we genuinely love and believe in. We were fortunate to be able to work with oomi noodles on our the West Highland Way adventure, a partnership which was vital to both our preparation and the actual walk itself. Their low-carb protein noodles were a key part of our training regime, here’s how oomi noodles fueled our West Highland Way adventure.

Our Training For the West Highland Way

For your average person, or even frequent walkers like ourselves, it’s not feasible to just chuck on a pair of walking boots and set off along the mountain trails for a week. Most “Wayers” spend around 6 months preparing for this immense challenge, gradually building up their bodies to a point where they’re able to complete it. Though we didn’t have the luxury of 6 months of training, we were starting from a decent base because as much as possible, we walk everywhere that we can. We no longer own a car and use as little public transport as possible meaning we regularly rack up between 5 and 10 miles walking per day.

Sarah stretching

We began training specifically for the West Highland Way about two months prior, with the aim of comfortably being able to walk around 16 miles in a day. This is because we knew the longest day of walking would be 19 miles, and as with most long distance events as long as you are capable of being in the ballpark, come “race day” you’ll have no issues. It also gave us the nice psychological edge of knowing that we were physically able and ready to complete the toughest part of the walk. Increasing our weekly mileage was a gradual process and we made sure we included plenty of rest and recovery days.

How oomi Noodles Fuelled our West Highland Way Adventure

There are a number of factors that go into a successful training regime for a long walk, such as proper planning, physical preparation and good conditioning. But undoubtedly one of the main elements of success comes in the form of nutrition. When you’re preparing for any big physical undertaking it’s important to fuel your muscles, particularly when you’re recovering from a hard training session. But as self confessed food lovers, that food also has to be delicious and exciting.


oomi noodle’s tagline is #FuelYourAdventure and they are all about promoting an active, adventurous and a healthy lifestyle. For us, this ties in perfectly with our own ethos of exploring and adventuring and getting out into the big wide world, so we were delighted to partner up with them. They provided us with all of the oomi noodles we needed to get our preparation completed successfully as well as sponsoring our actual walk.

What’s So Special About oomi Noodles?

oomi noodles are unlike any other noodle you’ve ever heard of, as they are actually made from sustainable fish. Yep, you heard right, noodles made from white fish! It may sound like a strange idea, but the benefits of making them from sustainable fish are huge. First of all, oomi noodles are high protein noodles which contain 12g of protein per serving. This makes them the ideal basis for a post walk meal, to repair your aching and depleted muscles. They are also gluten-free egg noodles so ideal for anyone with any gluten sensitivities, or even just wanting to avoid that heavy bloated feeling you get from eating high gluten foods. Added to all of that, they’re low carb so are also kind on the waistline!

James eating noodles

oomi noodles come in super handy snap packs and are ready to use straight away either cold or warmed up. You can make an awesome chicken noodle salad (our favourite), substitute the ordinary noodles you’d use in your favourite stir fry, or even use them in place of pasta or spaghetti thanks to their versatility. And all importantly, they don’t taste like fish! They taste and behave like a delicious egg noodle, just with a load more nourishing benefits.

If you’re planning to complete the West Highland Way, are an active person that wants a convenient and simple way of adding more protein to your diet, or even just fancy trying out this exciting new noodle product then give them a go!

Ryan Biddulph

Wednesday 14th of June 2017

Hi James,

You had me at "protein noodles" guys LOL. 7 days? Inspired stuff!


James McAlister

Thursday 22nd of June 2017

Haha, yeah the protein noodles are definitely worth introducing to your diet, they're seriously tasty as well! Thanks for reading.


Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Really good post and very inspiring! The noodles look delish and the scenery looks really amazing. I really want to try doing the hike now. Kudos on your big adventure!

James McAlister

Thursday 22nd of June 2017

Thanks Abbi! We absolutely love the noodles and they were a great help in our preparation for the hike. Glad you enjoyed the post :-)