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33 Really Brilliant Campervan Gift Ideas

Whatever your budget, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift for the campervan lover in your life amongst these really brilliant campervan gift ideas. We’ve lived in our campervan for over two years so every product is either tried, tested and recommended or on our own wish list.

Campervan Gift Ideas

Of course space is a premium onboard, which is why everything on this campervan gift ideas list has been carefully curated to either be super useful, super small or both. The last thing you want is for your present to be tossed aside and not even make it out on an adventure.

Useful Gifts For Campervan Owners

Battery Starter (££)

We were actually given this as a campervan gift ourselves and it has been a lifesaver on more than a few occasions. For both us and other fellow vanlifers. It beats waiting on breakdown call outs but, better than that means you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

This is the one we have.

Grayl Water Filter (££)

When it comes to filling up campervan water tanks, you can’t always be 100% sure that the water is completely safe to drink. Also unless tanks are cleaned on the regular all kinds of nasties can be lurking in there. We swear by this invention, plus you can use it outside too.

Grab one of them here. 

Jackery Power Bank (£££)

If it hasn’t already, on numerous occasions at the most inconvenient of times, it’s highly likely that your campervan nuts will at some stage run low on power. It happens to the best of us. But having this nifty device (charged up) in their back pocket can save a lot of stress.

We recommend this set up.

Tile Mate Key Finder (£)

I have no idea how, in such a small space, we end up losing stuff on the daily. One or both sets of our van keys consistently seem to end up in a black hole. If that sounds like someone you know, these nifty bits of kit are probably on their campervan gift wishlist too.

We’ve heard good things about these.

USB Work Light (£)

There is absolutely no doubt that at some point something in your campervan fanatics trendy home on wheels will break. And it will likely happen at the most inconvenient of times, i.e. in the dark. This handy little number has saved our bacon a few times now.

Grab one here now.

Portable Speaker (££)

We actually had our portable speaker pre-vanlife and it made the transition with us from our backpacks into the van. The sound quality is superb and it is seriously robust, perfect for life in a moving home. Honestly not sure we could live without this van life gift idea.

This is what we have.

Thoughtful Campervan Presents

Kindle (££)

You don’t have to own a campervan to know that it’s not possible to have more than a few books on board. For avid readers like ourselves it could be a real downside to vanlife. But with a Kindle you can have a whole library at your fingertips. Such a great campervan gift.

Nab the latest model here.

Audible (££)

Perfect for those long drives, Audible is equally as good of a campervan gift for those who love books. With more audiobooks and podcasts than you can shake a stick at, they will never be bored on the road again.

Sign them up here.

Campervan Pandora Charm (£)

Look no further for an awesome campervan gift for her. This cute campervan charm makes for a really thoughtful keepsake to remember all the awesome adventures that van life brings. I have this exact one and it’s a total favourite of mine.

Order one now here

National Trust Pass | UK (££)

A National Trust Pass is probably our favourite campervan gift idea. Simply because it encourages more time  spent outdoors, and that can only ever be a good thing. If you’re in the US I do believe there is also a National Parks Pass that will have the same effect.

Gift Card (£)

You can’t go wrong with an experience gift over a physical gift in our book. So whether it’s a meal out, cinema tickets or a skydiving experience you think they’d be into, a gift card is one of the best gifts for vanlife.

Browse a selection here

Portable projector (£££)

Last but by no means least, a portable projector is always a winner when it comes to gifts for a camper van owner. When the weather is rubbish out there’s not but better than snuggling up with a good movie. But equally they can be used outside for a cosy summer evening.

This is the one on our wishlist.

Vanlife Gifts For Outdoor Lovers

Boot Buddy (£)

These portable shoe cleaning devices mean that finding a place to put muddy boots after an adventure is no longer an issue. They literally take just a few minutes to clean. They are that handy, you’re probably going to want to get one for yourself while you’re at it.

We love this product.

Resistance Bands (£)

If your campervan fan likes to keep fit, these are the ultimate space saver when it comes to working out on the road. There’s varying strengths included and hundreds of exercises that can be done with them. We take ours everywhere.

Nab some of them here

Litter Picker (£)

For anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors, but especially those of us who like to park up in nature, seeing litter lying around can be so maddening. Help your van dwelling friend leave a place better than they found it with this foldable rubbish picker.

This is the one we have.

Hammock (£)

This gift idea for campervan owners creates a whole new space to relax in, which believe you me, when you only have such limited space inside makes a world of difference. The setup takes less than 60 seconds and you can even get a double one for two people.

We really want this one.

Binoculars (£)

There’s not much of a better pastime than sitting with your morning coffee and staring out of the window marvelling at the natural surroundings of a wild park up. Except when you have binoculars and can immerse yourself in nature that extra step more. Pure bliss.

These will do the trick.

Vanlife Presents For Foodies 

Stacking pans (££)

Just because they travel in a campervan, doesn’t mean they value a home cooked meal any less while they are on the road. In our van we have everything you could need to cook a three course meal. Stacking pans with detachable handles are 100% the way to go.

Check these ones out.

Collapsible Kitchenware (£)

Anything that saves space, such as collapsible mixing bowls, colander, measuring cups, tupperware, will be welcome in any foodies campervan kitchen cupboard. Good quality stuff that is up to the task of living in a moving home is also a must.

We swear by these.

Omnia Stove Top Oven (££)

While we don’t actually own one of these clever Swedish inventions we know lots of vanlifers who swear by them. It is an ideal gift for a campervan owner who only has a hob but no oven. As it says on the tin, if you can do it in a regular oven you can do it in an Omnia.

Take a look at one here.

Campervan Cookbook (£)

For those in need of a little inspiration when it comes to cooking up some decent scran while on the move there are a surprising number of campervan specific cookbooks out there. From simple campside treats to full on family feasts, it’s all possible.

We really like this one.  

Aeropress (£)

Since we got our Aeropress, we’ve basically become inseparable from it. I don’t know what we were thinking, having not got one sooner. Not only does this brilliant bit of kitchen tech make delicious coffee, it leaves you with next to no mess. It’s ideal for campervan life.

Pick one up right here.

Mini Blender (£)

These low wattage, portable mini blenders are an ideal vanlife present for those who love a healthy brekkie. They’ll be able to knock up a smoothie in no time. And with the added bonus of not draining the life out of their batteries. We really should get one of these.

This has great reviews.

Funny Campervan Gifts

Toilet Roll Gift Pack (£)

Ah the holy grail of campervan pooping! Finding a bog roll that degrades easily but isn’t so flimsy that a toilet trip requires half a roll. Give your campervan loving pal a good old laugh with one of these jazzy tongue in cheek toilet roll gift packs.

Nab a gift pack here.

Campervan Travel Game (£)

If your campervan friend enjoys some fun why not hit them up with a lightweight and portable travel game. Perfect for those rainy days or cosy evenings. Some of our favourites for bringing out the laughs are Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Dobble and Exploding Kittens.

Find more travel games here.

Hot Water Bottle (£)

They may well laugh, but they also may well thank you for it if they get caught out on one of their adventures in the middle of nowhere in the cold. And if they are in a really tight spot, it might still be warm enough to make a rubbery brew from in the morning!

These extra long ones are lush.

Scrubba Mini Wash Bag (£)

Perfect for vanlife gifts, the campervan lover in your life need never worry about running out of clean smalls on a road trip again. These handy wash bags brand themselves as the ‘world’s smallest washing machine for socks and underwear’. We find ours super useful.

Take a look here

Funny Campervan Tee (£)

For those with a sense of humour these motorhome owner gifts will definitely put a smile on their face. Simply choose their favourite colour and give them a natty addition to their camping wardrobe that they never knew they wanted.

We like these ones.

Campervan Essentials Gifts

Travel Mug (£)

This is the OG when it comes to road trips and for good reason. How can anyone be expected to put in any serious miles without a hot supply of caffeine to hand? And with a kettle onboard, a good quality travel mug that keeps your brew steaming hot really is a no brainer.

Try this one out for size.

USB Fan (£)

Now if your campervan fanatics are anything like us, they’ll like to chase the warmer weather. But while it’s good for their solar panels and sun tan, life inside the van on those hot, stuffy days can get pretty uncomfortable. Enter the USB Fan. We wouldn’t be without ours.

This is a great option.

Packing Cubes (£)

Whatever the length of trip your campervan gift recipients partake in, they will know that keeping their belongings organised in order to maintain their sanity is a must. So if they haven already got some packing cubes these will be an absolute  game changer for them.

These are the ones we have.

Phone Holder (£)

This obvious but essential campervan gift is included simply because we’ve been through our share of crap ones. Fresh off the ferry, driving on the opposite side of the road, no idea where you’re going and your Google Maps ends up around your ankles. Less than ideal.

This one is top drawer.

Van Cab Tidy (£)

It’s a common notion amongst campervan owners that the cab area tends to become a bit of dumping ground sometimes. Snacks, sunglasses, phone chargers, it’s all too easy for them to end up slung on the dash. So this campervan essential gift really holds its own.

We really like this one.

Cab Rubbish Bin (£)

Likewise, having somewhere to stash your trash while you’re driving or riding shotgun on your latest adventure is a must in our book. When we reach our destination we want to hop straight out and get exploring, not gathering up sweet wrappers and sandwich crusts. 

This is simple but effective.

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