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We’re Going Carry On Only With Cabin Zero

As travellers, perhaps the single most important piece of kit that we rely on is our bag. Carrying all of your worldly belongings in a single sack can be a terrifying prospect, so it’s vital that we have a bag that we can trust. For the past few months we’ve been testing out a pair of bags that CabinZero sent us and the outcome has been somewhat surprising.

We love them so much that we’ve decided to go carry on only. That means no checking in luggage anymore, no waiting around to collect it once the flight has landed, and best of all no excessive baggage fees!

This is something that we were neither considering or even felt was possible for us before, and it’s not a decision we have taken lightly. We’re going to tell you all about the bags, why we love them, and we’ve also teamed up with CabinZero to offer you a discount on purchases from their website which you’ll find at the bottom of the post.

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James backpacker with text overlay WE'RE GOING CARRY ON ONLY WITH CABIN ZERO

Cabin Zero Size

CabinZero luggage is specifically designed to fit the carry on luggage requirements for the vast majority of major airlines. Even the cheapo European ones that we’ve been jetting around on lately!

James at the airport At the airport with my CabinZero bag

This takes away all of the worry over whether you’re going to be allowed on to the plane with your bag that you’ve stuffed so much in that it’s bulging at the seams. Or suffer that embarrassing moment when you’re desperately struggling to cram your bag into that metal cage that‘s used to separate the will-flys from the walk of shamers who are forced to move out of the queue to remove items from their luggage whilst their fellow passengers watch on.

Now we don’t have to concern ourselves with any of that as we know that the dimensions of the bags mean that it just fits.

They fit snugly in the overhead compartment

The model that we both have is the Vintage 44L, and it’s a bit like a Mary Poppins bag. It looks really cute and small from the outside, but thanks to its deceptively spacious interior, it’s possible to effortlessly pack everything we need into it with space left over. We were concerned that 44L wasn’t going to be enough for us, but actually it’s more than ample. We big fans of packing cubes and they fit perfectly in the bag thanks to its more angular shape which matches the cubes we have.

CabinZero Style

Since we’ve started using our CabinZero bags we’ve had no end of people telling us how cool they are and how much they love them, and we have to agree, they’re pretty damned stylish. CabinZero have a number of different styles available, but we opted for bags from the Vintage collection.

Sarah sitting on the bench Looking good with the CabinZero

We love their timeless, old school look with the brown leather-like band around the base and matching headphone diamond patch. The colours we went for were Original Grey and Navy but the range also includes brighter shades as well as the most popular choice, Absolute Black.

Many backpacks are top loading, and in fact our previous backpacks were top loading with a front entrance as well. We really liked our old bags and thought that we’d still use them for longer trips and keep our CabinZero ones for shorter breaks. But after realising how much better the front loading bags are, we’ve totally ditched our old backpacks. The CabinZero is much more like a suitcase in that you can unzip them virtually all the way round, which allows you to see and have access to everything in the bag without taking it all out.

James with backpack with mountain view Looking out over Connemara

Despite the very reasonable price tag, these bags look and feel extremely expensive. All of the materials used are both high quality and sturdy and they’re constructed to put up with all of the bumps and scrapes that come with travelling.

Design Details

Overall the design is outstanding, and there are a few added details that make you immediately appreciate that the bag is designed by travellers for travellers:

  • The zips are chunky and substantial, and also have loops on so that you can actually lock them together with a padlock.
  • The interior of the bag has a laptop section which is a necessity for us, and a couple of other zip up pockets on the inside, one of which is mesh. On the outside it has a single big zipped compartment that’s the same length and width as the bag and which we use for storing our travel documents.
  • There are two padded handles, one on the side and one on the top, which are really handy for when you’re lifting the bag.
  • The bag comes with the Okoban global tracking system which allows you to easily recover your luggage if it gets lost.

We don’t endorse any products that we don’t use and love ourselves and Cabinzero have become our go to bags now regardless of where we’re heading to and how long for. If you fancy getting your hands on one, click here to take advantage of our 10% discount code CZTHEWORLDORNOTHING when you order online. The code is only valid for 30 days so don’t hang about!

Got a question about Cabinzero bags? Let us know in the comments and we’ll answer from our own experience.