Travelling With Travel Sickness

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With 1 in 8 of us bearing the affliction of travel sickness at some point in our lives I know I’m not alone in my suffering. But that doesn’t make it any easier. It really is crappy and makes moving locations whilst travelling is something I often dread. You see it doesn’t just last for the journey, I will invariably feel sick and dizzy for hours afterwards.

Even a half hour trip affects me. And the mode of transport has no bearing. Planes, cars, boats; it’s all the same. Bleugh! In order to counter the effects motion has on me I take travel sickness pills. But these have the unpleasant side effect of extreme drowsiness for the rest of the day for me, so sometimes I try just to get by if it’s a short journey.

When I’m tired or don’t feel well I’m grumpy, irritable and generally just not very much fun to be around. So either way it’s a lose-lose situation. I get annoyed that I can’t make use of what should be perfect relaxation or working time, reading my book or drafting a blog post. I get so bored and it sucks big time.

Half hour bus journey after effects.

It’s also one of the reasons I prefer to travel overnight. So I can take the pills and go just to straight to sleep so as to not feel like I’ve ‘wasted time’ or feel so bad physically. Of course if I wake up and have to take more before the end of the journey it doesn’t work quite so well.

With the bus journeys in South America that we took often being over 24 hours, I was pretty much unconscious the whole time with how much medication I was taking. Not only do I miss tons of incredible scenery it also makes me a terrible travelling partner. J has to take responsibility for everything from watching our bags to making sure we don’t miss departure times, while I concentrate on whinging.

Either drowsy or feeling nauseous, my brain just doesn’t function and its like travelling with a child for him. I’d never be able to travel alone. I’d miss my train stop or not get on the right ferry. Of course I’ve tried non-drowsy meds and homeopathic remedies but they have all been in vain.

Sarah sleeping on the ferry floor Sleeping on the ferry floor.

Travelling in the heat also doesn’t help but budget doesn’t always come with air-con unfortunately and so I have to make do with my fan. But if it makes me so miserable, why do I put myself through it, often a few times a week? I guess it’s because it’s something that I’ve always had so kind of learned to accept it as part of who I am, despite not liking it.

I refuse to let it control me, even if it does control my mood. I should probably be more grown up about it at the time though and not sulk. But chucking your guts up in a stinky toilet or on a road side whilst your unaffected other half is able to put his feet up and enjoy the ride will do that to a person. I also hate drawing attention to myself and sympathetic looks or kind words from fellow passengers only serve to make the situation worse for me. And so if I’m on your bus or flight looking green, please try and just ignore me.

Sulking after a bus/ferry/taxi journey.

Do you have travel sickness like me? How do you cope? Or like J, do you travel with someone who has travel sickness? What’s it like for you? We’d love to hear from you.


Sarah after a taxi,ferry,bus journey with text overlay travelling with travel sickness

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