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The Decision to Travel

A drunken conversation in Summer 2014 and the decision was made, we were going to go travelling. That was the easy bit. The reason? We wanted to experience the most from life. We have comfortable lives, enjoy our home, love spending time with our family and friends, have good careers but yearned for the excitement and adventure of the big wide world. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the sights and smells of other cultures, to challenge our perspectives, to create memories across unforgettable landscapes.

It’s a cliche, but you really only do live once and so the decision was made to embark on living our dream. Next came telling family and friends. Some were upset, some were worried but overall those close to us were excited for us and support our decision. There is a definite element of sadness and guilt knowing that we will miss births and weddings and that’s tough. But deep down we knew that we couldn’t put our lives on hold for those we love and that they wouldn’t want us to either.

Waiting to escape the rat race is interesting, it’s like balancing on the edge of two worlds with emotions ranging from apprehension to exhilaration on a daily basis. The euphoric feeling of booking the first leg of our flights followed by the depression of getting up at 6am on a Monday morning to go into the office is striking. As the day we leave gets closer, the reality of what we are doing is really starting to creep in and we are very much trying to focus on why we are doing the trip rather the things we will miss.

The thought of renting the home we have built to strangers is an uneasy one and leaving our cat (even though with a very trusted friend) is heartbreaking to realise at the moment. But there is no doubt in our minds that we have made the right choice so for now we will concentrate on enjoying living our current lives until we get on that plane and begin our incredible adventure!

Here’s to the world!

Sarah & James

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James and Sarah with text overlay the decision to travel


emma wells

Wednesday 11th of November 2015

Great write up guys. You will have memories to last a life time. I often wonder if traveling changed me... of course it did even years later! The people you meet along way really do make a difference to the future paths you travel... you really do find yourself. Be free and wild.... and came back with a new tatoo! Good luck xx