The Best Hostel in Killarney – The Black Sheep

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Killarney is an extremely popular stop off for many people visiting the west coast of Ireland and because of this has plenty of accommodation options to suit all budgets. As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader we’re extremely interested in value for money – that doesn’t mean that we neccessarily go for the cheapest option, but rather the best option for a price that works for us.

Where To Stay In Killarney


We spent a while researching the best hostels in Killarney that came at a reasonable budget and came across The Black Sheep Hostel online. Having spent two nights there, we really can’t recommend it highly enough! It’s in an old townhouse that is deceptively huge on the inside and has been newly and tastefully renovated so everything is shiny and brand new.

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At the Blacksheep Hostel with text overlay Where to stay in Killarney - The Black Sheep Hostel


Rooms at The Black Sheep Killarney

We stayed in an 8 bed dorm which was thoughtfully laid out and really spacious. You can tell when somewhere is designed and run by people who travel themselves because they have extra little details that are so important, but aren’t necessarily considered by people who haven’t.

Sarah on a bunk bed

The bunks have under-bed lockers that are each big enough to fit all of your stuff in, each bed is its own separate “pod” with a curtain that pulls across allowing you to create a private space, and each pod also has a power switch and reading lamp so you can charge all of your electrical devices at night and have a light on without disturbing other guests if you need to.

The Black Sheep Facilities

The kitchen at The Black Sheep Killarney is huge and has 4 separate hobs, 2 sinks, a massive double fridge so there’s no worries about multiple people being in there cooking at the same time.

the kitchen at the black sheep hostel

The free breakfast is a great selection of tea and coffee, cereals or toast with various spreads available, and you can even cook yourself an egg laid by one of the resident chickens if you want! That’s right, they have a large garden outback where there’s a family of happy chickens and a few ducks and the eggs are available to guests in a basket in the kitchen.


The bathrooms are also all spotless at The Black Sheep and, like the rest of the building, have all been newly renovated. There are plenty to choose from as well so you’re never waiting in a queue to use the shower or left crossing your legs when you need to go to the toilet.

Social Spaces at The Black Sheep Hostel

There are two main social spaces at The Black Sheep, the living room and the dining room. The living room has got big comfortable sofas, some really cool vintage leather armchairs, is decorated with loads of cool knick-knacks, has a guitar in the corner and a big open fire in a bare brick fireplace- in fact it looks quite a lot like our living room at our house in Nottingham! Maybe that’s one of the reasons we felt so at home here. The dining room is also a great social area as it’s really spacious and there are a number of large tables that you can sit around and chat with fellow guests.

living room

The staff here are also amazing which is obviously very important, particularly if like us you have a load of questions about what to see and do locally! John in particular helped us plan our entire time and made some great recommendations that we wouldn’t have known otherwise.

If you are after somewhere with top notch facilities, great atmosphere and in the perfect location to see the sights of Killarney as well as explore the Ring of Kerry, The Black Sheep definitely fits the bill.