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We used to think that living the lives we now lead was out of reach, that travelling the world full time was something only dreams were made of and building a business that would sutain a lifestyle of freedom was, well, impossible. But it’s not and here we are.

Travel is our passion, it has truly changed our lives. And here at The Whole World or Nothing we want to provide you with the inspiration and information to help you design your own travel adventure.

We’ve had some epic adventures on the road so far and are constantly adding to that list. Whether that’s screaming our heads off while flying over the Copper Canyon in Mexico on the world’s longest zipline, or quietly finding our groove as a travel coupleWhether its travelling in a country where you are the minority, eating a bug on a stick, or snorkelling with sharks, we believe that the best travel experiences lie at the end of your comfort zones. If it scares you, do it. 

There’s a temptation when you visit a place to try and see everything, which is both exhausting and impossible. We tried it. So these days we tend to travel slowly, spending a few weeks or even months in a place before moving on to the next. We like to get under the skin of a place and have opportunity to experience life there on a deeper level. There are a few ‘rules’ we have that we feel enhance our travel experiences:

• Eat the street food, pick where is busy & dive in

•Try and learn the language, even just hello & thank you

• Read books & watch documentaries to find out the history

• Meet people and ask questions about their lives

• Walk as much as you can & keep your eyes up

• Only use public transport if it’s too far to walk

• Allow yourself to intentionally get lost

• Be kind to people, animals & the environment

• Travel light, don’t take up more space than you need

• Always smile. And laugh. Laugh alot

Of course we haven’t loved everywhere we’ve been, all places have their downsides and often where you are in your own headspace can affect your experience of a place. For us, crap weather plays a huge part because neither of us are good with grey skies or cold temperatures. But we actively try to be as concious as possible, noticing and enjoying the little things.

But that’s the beauty about how we live, if we’re not digging a place we move on, if we love it, we stay longer. So in a nutshell that’s our travel philosopy. If you’re new around here you can check out our about us page for more info on our back story, or if you’re a company looking to partner with us, have a gander at our work with us page & media kit.

The best way to keep up with our latest ‘real time’ travel escapades is through our social media channels where we post daily updates.

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