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Salar de Uyuni – The Bolivian Salt Flats in 21 Stunning Photos

Since completing our unforgettable tour of the Bolivian Salt Flats we’ve been desperate to write about the experience. But every time we tried we felt as though our writing didn’t do the largest and most stunning salt flats in the world justice. In our opinion the Salar de Uyuni should be considered as one of the natural wonders of the world!

Rather than struggling to try and find the words to describe them, we decided it would be more fitting to take you on a photo journey of our tour of the Bolivian Salt Flats. Here are 21 photos that we hope will inspire you to visit.

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James and Sarah with friend at Bolivia Salt flats with text overlay THE BOLIVIAN SALT FLATS - Salar de Uyuni IN 21 STUNNING PHOTOS

Bolivian Immigration

This is the most remote immigration office we have ever come across! There was simply nothing for miles around as we crossed from Chile to Bolivia apart from this lonely office in the middle of nowhere.

migracion bolivia

Lakes, Geyzers & Hots Springs

The scenery on the journey to get to the Bolivian Salt Flats was absolutely unbelievable! We were surrounded by stark mountains, vibrantly coloured lakes, interesting rock formations and magnificent wildlife.

Mountains with rocks

James and Sarah on a hotspring

mountains and rocks



flamingo looking for food

the flamingos

nice mountain view

James and Sarah on a mountain view

rock formations

The Bolivian Salt Flats

Arriving at the Bolivian Salt Flats was like landing on another planet. The landscape is simply surreal and witnessing them riding on top of the jeep made it even more crazy! What an experience.

James and Sarah arrived at Bolivian Salt Flats

breathtaking view at Bolivian Salt Flats

at Bolivian Salt Flats

Bolivian Salt Flats

Warped Perspective Photos at the Bolivian Salt Flats

We had loads of fun with the rest of our tour group (who over the 4 day trip had quickly become good friends) taking these warped perspective photos.

James and Sarah with friends and dinosaur at Bolivian Salt Flats

James and Sarah - wine bottle at Bolivian Salt Flats

James and Sarah having fun Bolivian Salt Flats 2

The Train Graveyard, Uyuni

Just outside the town of Uyuni is this spooky but strangely charming train graveyard. dozens of trains lie abandoned here, slowly rusting away.

Sarah at the graveyard train

Sarah - Graveyard train

What do you think about this spectacular phenomenon? Have you ever been? Is this somewhere you’d like to visit? Get in touch if you want any tips on how to see them on a budget.


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