Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Whine

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So it’s coming up to a month into our travels and it’s really starting to sink in for me that we are not just on holiday. It genuinely feels like an age since we stepped of the plane into the Argentinian sunshine. I read a book once on the concept of time and how it appears slower when you are plunged into a new environment because you are not working on automatic pilot and naturally take more notice of your surroundings. Interesting stuff.

Anyway I’ve been feeling a bit low over the last few days and have really started to miss my family and friends back home. I miss my house too, I love that place. And cuddles with my cat. It’s so crazy how rose tinted your glasses can become when reminiscing about everyday things such as making dinner or doing the washing. I think it’s the comfort of familiarity that I’m yearning for. In order to combat this I’ve decided to create my own ‘travel routine’ that I hope will become my new familiarity. I think I’m going to have a bash at either a run/yoga in the morning and then an hour or so ‘quiet time’ on an evening, on my own, in a comfy spot. The actual ‘comfy spot’ will obviously change geographically but I’m fond of a good windowsill/balcony so I’ll aim for that.

Sarah and Rach Me and ‘Our Rach’

The fact that it’s Christmas time too is definitely contributing to how much I’m missing people. Especially ‘our Rach’, my preggers sister. Similarly to when we were saying goodbye to people though, I’m trying to just frame it in my mind how lucky I am to have people in my life that I love so much and I’m sad to not be around. And also allow myself to miss people. It’s part of the experience too.

Sarah and Bex Me and my bezzie mate ‘Bex’

Me and my lovely Mum

 Me and my one in a million Grandad

One thing I can honestly say that I am not missing is working and more to the point, the stress that goes with it. It’s quite odd not experiencing Sunday night anxieties, Monday blues or the Friday feeling. In fact it’s quite easy to forget what day of the week it actually is. I’m curious to see what happens with my homesickness over time as we move from place to place, because if you asked me a week ago I was pretty convinced that I wouldn’t even experience it! I will keep you posted but for now – MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Cherish those seemingly mundane moments such as peeling Brussels sprouts with your Mum or your Dad snoring in his armchair – you would miss them terribly, honest.


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