How To Get To Montserrat & Full Guide To Montserrat Hikes

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There are lots of great hiking near Barcelona, but hiking to Montserrat is one of, if not the best Barcelona hiking trails. A day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona is an awesome experience.

Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain range reaching 1,236m at its highest summit, Sant Jeroni. The other two main peaks are Montgrós at 1,120m and Miranda de les Agulles at 903m. 

There are various ways to explore these mountains near Barcelona and lots of different Montserrat hiking trails for varying abilities. 

But if you have an adventurous streak like us, one of the best Montserrat hikes to do is climb Montserrat mountain, all the way up, from the base to the summit. 

Hiking to Montserrat

The Montserrat Barcelona hike all the way up the mountain is no mean feat and certainly not the easiest trail to find. But we’ll give you all the information you need. Plus for those not looking for such an extreme adventure, lots of other Montserrat hiking options.

Sarah at summit of Montserrat Barcelona Hike

In this complete guide to hiking Montserrat, we’ll tell you:

  • How to get from Barcelona to Montserrat.
  • All Montserrat hiking trails on the mountain ( Montserrat hiking map).
  • Packing list for hiking in Montserrat and the best time to go.
  • How to visit Montserrat Monastery with a little background history.
  • What you need to know about the Montserrat cable car and funicular.
  • Montserrat accommodation for if you decide to stay overnight.
  • The best Montserrat tour if you prefer to have it organised for you.

As it says on the tin – this is a full guide to the Montserrat hikes. Let’s do this!

Getting To Montserrat From Barcelona

By far the quickest and most direct way to visit Montserrat is to get the train from Barcelona to Montserrat. This goes for whether you are hiking up Montserrat mountain or not.

The journey from Barcelona train station Plaça Espanya to Montserrat takes just over an hour. However because of the various routes up and down the mountain, the Montserrat train ticket options can be a little confusing.

We’ll do best to break down the different options so you can decide what’s best for you.

Barcelona To Montserrat Train Tickets

Option 1: Trans Montserrat Ticket

This combination Montserrat ticket includes:

  • Return metro ticket from anywhere in Barcelona to Plaça Espanya train station
  • Return train ticket from Barcelona to Monistrol de Montserrat train station
  • Round trip ticket on the Cremallera or Aeri to Montserrat
  • Unlimited use of the Sant Joan funicular

This is the best option for if you are going to hike Montserrat but fancy taking an alternative route down on either the Montserrat cable car or rack railway.

It’s a great way to see the Montserrat mountain range from a different angle. The Montserrat cable car in particular is a lot of fun.

Option 2: TOT Montserrat Ticket

This ticket literally means the whole of Montserrat and includes:

  • Return metro ticket from anywhere in Barcelona to Plaça Espanya train station
  • Return train ticket from Barcelona to Monistrol de Montserrat train station
  • Round trip ticket on the Cremallera or Aeri to Montserrat
  • Unlimited use of the Sant Joan funicular.
  • Admission to the Montserrat Museum 
  • A meal at the self-service Montserrat restaurant

This is the best option for if you prefer to have lunch included and want to also visit the Montserrat Museum. It is cheaper than buying everything individually on the mountain.

You’ll need to pick your tickets up at the tourist office located in Plaça Catalunya.

By the way, the Cremallera is a train that goes up Montserrat mountain – it’s also called the Montserrat rack railway. The Aeri to Montserrat is the cable car that runs up Montserrat Mountain. And the Sant Joan funicular is mountain train that goes up steep slopes.

Just a note about the Sant Joan funicular though, it doesn’t go all the way to the top, there is still an element of hiking to get to the summit.

Option 3: Barcelona to Montserrat Train Ticket

Not bothered about going in the Montserrat Museum and would prefer to hike back down Montserrat Mountain? You can just purchase a return train ticket from Barcelona to Monistrol de Montserrat train station.

Unfortunately you can’t purchase these online in advance. You’ll need to get them from Plaça Espanya train station. If you are purchasing them on the day make sure you allow yourself plenty of time because it’s way more difficult than it needs to be!

Sometimes you might find a train station attendant knocking about, but just in case there isn’t here’s some guidance.

  • Change the ticket machine language to English (unless you understand Spanish or Catalan of course).
  • Next choose ‘FGC single ticket’ and ‘FGC single ticket 2 Journeys’ (this will give you a return).
  • Then choose ‘Zone 4’ and the number of tickets you need.
  • The fare is €10.50 (2018 price) each and you can pay by cash or card.
Cheapest Way of Getting To Montserrat

If you are planning on hiking Montserrat and back down again, these are the cheapest Barcelona to Montserrat train tickets that you can get.

You can buy tickets for the Montserrat rack railway and all the cable cars individually on Montserrat mountain. But they are more expensive than buying a Trans Montserrat Ticket or TOT Montserrat Ticket in advance.

You can buy some combination tickets from some booths at Plaça Espanya train station. But when we checked they were more expensive than buying online in advance. And didn’t the return metro ticket included. 

Montserrat Combined Tickets for Train and Cable Car

There is another ticket that you can buy online in advance called the Montserrat Express, but to be honest, we don’t think it’s that much of a good deal.

Plaça Espanya to Montserrat

Plaça Espanya train station is on line 1, line 3 and line 8 of the Barcelona metro system so it is easy to get to.

However, it is also huge with lots of different levels. So be sure to allow plenty of time. 

Especially if you are buying your train tickets to Montserrat on the day because if you miss the train you’ll have to wait another hour for the next one. 

Depending on where you are coming from in Barcelona, when you get into Plaça Espanya train station you need to either follow the green signs for ‘R5 Manresa’ train or the orange signs for Montserrat as pictured below. 

Plaça Espanya to Montserrat Platfrom
Plaça Espanya to Montserrat Train

This will take you to the platforms for the Barcelona to Montserrat train.

Barcelona To Montserrat Train Times

The train from Barcelona to Montserrat runs there and back every hour and it’s the R5 train to Manresa that you want. You can find the Montserrat Barcelona train timetable here.

This Montserrat train left from platform 3 the day we went, but obviously please double check on your day of travel.

Barcelona To Montserrat Train

On your way back you can also double check the Montserrat to Barcelona train times at the tourist information office on Montserrat mountain.

Barcelona to Montserrat Bus

You can also take a bus from Barcelona to Montserrat. Although the journey time is longer at 1 hour and 25 minutes than Montserrat from Barcelona train. 

The bus service runs from the Barcelona Estació Sants bus station to Montserrat Monastery and the company is called Autocars Julia. There’s a bus running daily year round, but times vary depending on the season. You can find the exact times here.

Barcelona to Montserrat by Car

You can also visit Montserrat by car. It’s just over 60km away and the journey time will take you around an hour. There is plenty of parking.

If you’d prefer to hire a car and drive yourself, we recommend renting a car with Auto Europe for the best deals.  

Please note however that if you choose to visit Montserrat by bus or car, you won’t be able to hike Montserrat from the base. This is because the car parks are already part way up Montserrat mountain. 

Best Way To Visit Montserrat

If you are choosing to hike Montserrat from the base, which we would highly recommend, your way up Montserrat mountain is via one of two Montserrat hiking trails.

The Montserrat hiking route you choose will determine at which stop you get off the Montserrat train. We took one up and the other back down. But you can go up and down the same way if you prefer.

Or as discussed above, come back down Montserrat mountain via the Montserrat rack railway or cable car. This way you can see Montserrat Barcelona from a different angle.

Montserrat Hiking Trails

Option 1: From Montserrat de Aeri

The first of the Montserrat hiking trails up the mountain starts at the same stop for the Montserrat cable car. It’s called Montserrat de Aeri.

From here you need to make your way to the Montserrat cable car station. Go across the car park and over the bridge straight ahead to the main road.

Aeri de Montserrat Train Station Montserrat
Aeri de Montserrat Lower Station
Bridge over River Llobregat Montserrat

From the main road turn right. Be careful, the road is fast and busy. There is a small path down the side of the barrier which you have to walk down for around 5 minutes.

You need to look out for the start of the Montserrat trail on the opposite side of the road, as pictured below.

This Montserrat Barcelona hike will take you around 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Montserrat car cable station to reach Montserrat Monastery.

Aeri de Montserrat to Monistrol de Montserrat Hiking Route
Start of Montserrat Hiking Trail From Aeri de Montserrat
Montserrat Barcelona Hike Sign Post
Montserrat Hiking Trail from Aeri de Montserrat to Monestir de Montserrat

Option 2: From Monistrol de Montserrat

The other route for the Montserrat Barcelona hike starts from the next stop on the Montserrat to Barcelona train line, in the village of Monistrol. It is called Monistrol de Montserrat.

To get to the start of this Montserrat hiking trail you will first need to cross the bridge over the River El Llobregat. This leads into the village of Monistrol de Montserrat.

Next walk up Passeig de la Canaleta, turning left at the end onto Carrer de les Escoles. Then go left again up the steps along Carrer de la Font.

River Llobregat View

At the top of those steps, cross the road and you will see the start of the Montserrat Barcelona hike in front of you. Be careful – it’s a fast road on a bend.

The walk from Monistrol de Montserrat train station will take around 15 minutes. Then to climb Montserrat from here will take around 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Montserrat Monastery.

Start of Hiking Trail Monistrol de Montserrat

The start of this Montserrat hiking trail is a little trickier to locate and you may find you need to ask for directions.

We went up from Montserrat de Aeri and back down this way which I think is easier. To do that, just follow these directions in reverse.

Hiking Route Monistrol de Montserrat to Monastir de Montserrat
Close of start of Montserrat Hiking Trail in Monistrol de Monserrat

Montserrat Trails Difficulty

Once on them, both of these Montserrat hiking trails are easy enough to navigate. There are a few alternative paths that go off in different directions at times, but as far as we could tell, they all converge again.

So as long as you are continuing to go up, you can’t really go wrong.

There are also some faded markers to follow on parts of the trail. However, if you are worried about getting lost, download the Barcelona region map on the Maps.Me app.

Then simply put in ‘Monestir de Montserrat’ which is Spanish for Montserrat Monastery and follow that. This is also useful to follow for knowing when you are nearing the Montserrat train stop that you want to get off at.

Markers on Montserrat Barcelona Hike

You will pass it on your way up, but if you do choose to hike down, look out for where the trail splits leading to either the Aeri de Montserrat or Monistrol de Montserrat starting points.

Confusingly, both routes are marked as Monistrol de Montserrat. But it is the one with ‘Per la drecera des ¾’ underneath that will take you down into the Village of Monistrol.

Confusing Signposts on Montserrat Barcelona Hike
Hiking back down Montserrat Barcelona Hike

Both of these Montserrat hiking trails are at times a little technically challenging. Although there is a path of sorts, it is very uneven and requires climbing up and over large rocks in some places.

Particularly on the way down, the Montserrat trails can be slippery. There are lots of loose ‘prime ankle twister’ rocks so be sure to wear sturdy footwear.

It also gets very hot because large parts of the routes for hiking in Montserrat are completely exposed.

Difficulty of Montserrat Barcelona Hike

We thoroughly enjoyed our Montserrat Barcelona hike and think it is the best way of getting to Montserrat. But there are also many other Montserrat hiking trails on the mountain itself.

Once we reached the Montserrat Monastery and had a look around there, we continued up to the mountain’s summit, Sant Jeroni.

But before we get into that here’s some information on getting to the Montserrat Monastery via the Montserrat cable car or Montserrat rack railway if you don’t fancy the hike up.

Montserrat Monastery Cable Car

The Montserrat cable car, or Aeri de Montserrat as it’s known locally, takes you on a steep 5 minute journey over the Llobregat Valley and River up to the Montserrat Monastery.

It started running in 1930 and travels at a speed of 5 metres a second up a 45% gradient. It’s exhilarating, watching the ground drop away from you.

View of River El Llobregat and Llobregat Valley

To take the Montserrat cable car you need to make sure that you get off at the correct stop. 

When you near, it is the first of the two Montserrat train stops and is called Montserrat de Aeri.

The Montserrat Monastery cable car station is then right there.

Once you reach the top there is a 3 minute walk up a slope and some steps to visit Montserrat Monastery. You’ll also find the main area with the tourism office, restaurants and toilets.

The Montserrat cable car runs every 15 mins. However it has different operating times depending on the time of year.

From March to October it runs from 9:40 – 19:00. And from November to February it runs from 10:10 – 17:45 on weekdays and 9:40 – 18:15 on weekends.

Aeri de Montserrat Upper Station

At peak times there can be long queues for the Montserrat cable cars. Each ride has a maximum capacity of 35 people. So be sure to allow yourself enough time to catch your Montserrat to Barcelona train if you are coming back down this way.

Please note, if you are a disabled traveller or have limited mobility, the Montserrat cable car is unfortunately not adapted. You’ll need to take the Montserrat rack railway option.

Montserrat Rack Railway

The Montserrat rack railway, or cremallera mountain train as it is otherwise known, leaves from the second of the Barcelona to Montserrat train stops. It is called Monistrol de Montserrat, which is also the name of the town.

The Montserrat rack railway is often incorrectly referred to as a funicular which is confusing. 

The two Montserrat funiculars are on top of the Montserrat mountain itself and used to access different areas of the Montserrat mountain range. More on those later.

There are 3 stops on the Montserrat rack railway, Monistrol de Montserrat, Monistrol Vila and Montserrat. Whilst there are supposedly are some nice views, the only reason you would use the Monistrol Vila stop is if you were getting to Montserrat by car to use the car park there. 

There is also another car park right at the top next to Montserrat Monastery.

Montserrat Rack Railway

The Montserrat rack railway operates 8:35 to 18:15 in low season and 8:35 to 20:15 in high season. The journey from Monistrol de Montserrat to Montserrat Monastery takes around 20 minutes.

If you are going back down Montserrat mountain this way, be sure to check the last train time. 

Allowing yourself enough time to make your way down for your Montserrat to Barcelona train.

The Montserrat rack railway is fully wheelchair adapted and has accompanying lifts at the stations.

The Best Montserrat Barcelona Tour

By the way, if all of this information feels a little overwhelming and you’d rather just have a Montserrat day trip from Barcelona arranged for you, this Montserrat Monastery Tour with Cable Car & Farmhouse Lunch is an excellent choice. 

It’s a full Montserrat day trip with a knowledgeable bilingual guide, luxury minibus transport from Barcelona, tickets for the Montserrat cable car and visit to Montserrat Abbey. Followed by a fantastic 3 course lunch at the Masia Farmhouse, with drinks included. 

If you’re looking for an even more memorable way to visit Montserrat, this Intimate Montserrat Hot Air Balloon Ride & Monastery Tour is also an incredible experience. Especially for special birthdays or anniversary celebrations.

It includes round trip transport from Barcelona, a Montserrat Monastery visit and an hour long ride soaring over the stunning Pyrenees, Mediterranean and Montserrat landscapes. After which you’ll celebrate the flight with a champagne toast. 

Montserrat Mountains and Monastery

The area around the Montserrat Monastery has been developed into a small village. There are restaurants, shops, toilets, a museum, a tourist information office, a picnic area and even a farmers market.

Hiking maps are available from the tourist office.

If you are coming to Montserrat just to hike it is still worth popping into the Montserrat Monastery. Even if you are not an architecture fan or at all religious, you can’t fail to be wowed by the richness and intricacy of the building design.

Picnic Area at Visit Montserrat Monastery

History of Montserrat Barcelona

The full and correct name of the Montserrat Monastery is The Benedictine Monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat. The area has been of religious significance since pre-christian times when Romans first built a temple to worship Venus.

Its first written mention was in 888. Later, hermit monks built various hermitages and the Montserrat Monastery was founded by development of the hermitage of Santa Maria in 1025.

The Montserrat Monastery was rebuilt after largely being destroyed in the Battle of Montserrat in 1811.

During the Franco dictatorship, Montserrat Monastery put up resistance to the ban on the Catalan language and culture. Many persecuted Catalans hid out here and more than 20 monks were executed as a consequence.

This made Montserrat Monastery an important symbol of the Catalans’ fight against government oppression.

Inside Montserrat Monastery Visit

Legend of Black Madonna Montserrat

The Black Madonna or La Moreneta as she is also known, is the Patron saint of Catalonia. 

Many miracles have been attributed to her over the years.

Believed to have been carved in Jerusalem at the beginning of the religion, this is one of the most important Black Madonna statues in the world. The figure is enthroned above the high altar in the basilica of the monastery.

Many pilgrimages are made every year to visit her. There is no charge but there is a separate queue to the right of the Basilica atrium. You can expect to wait up to 45 minutes at busy times and a donation is appropriate.

It is tradition for you to kiss or touch her hand whilst opening out your other hand to Jesus. It’s free to just wander into the rest of the Montserrat Monastery.

The history and art of the Black Madonna is covered in the Montserrat Museum. You’ll need to pay separately for this if you don’t have a TOT Montserrat ticket.

You can purchase tickets to the Montserrat Museum in advance online here which include skip the line priority and an audio guide.

Montserrat Funicular Information

The first of the two funiculars you can use on a visit to Montserrat is called Funicular de Sant Joan. It takes you close to the highest point of Montserrat, although a hike is still involved to reach the summit.

The other Montserrat funicular is called Funicular de Santa Cova. This actually takes you slightly back down Montserrat mountain to the cave chapel known as Santa Cova.

If you haven’t purchased a Trans Montserrat combined ticket or a TOT Montserrat ticket, you will have to buy individual tickets the funicular stations for both Funicular de Sant Joan and Funicular de Santa Cova.

View of Montserrat Mountains and Monastery

Santa Cova Funicular Montserrat

Santa Cova, or Holy Grotto as it is otherwise known, is an important religious cave. Legend has it some shepherds saw the Virgin Mary here.

It is around a 20 minute walk from the Santa Cova Funicular. The Sant Joan Funicular Montserrat starts from near Montserrat Monastery. Taking you on a steep journey up the Montserrat mountainside, it runs every 20 minutes between 10:10 and 17:00.

This location on Montserrat mountain is the start of a few of the Montserrat hiking trails including the hike to the summit of Sant Jeroni.

If you are interested in learning about how funiculars work, there is a small exhibition in the Santa Cova Funicular station. 

Alternatively you can also just take a picturesque hike directly from the Montserrat Monastery to get to Santa Cova along one of the Montserrat hiking trails. More on that below.

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Montserrat Hiking Map

Okay let’s get back into the other Montserrat hiking trails. Once you reach the Montserrat Monastery there are numerous different routes you can take to explore more of the mountain by foot.

The Montserrat hiking trails on the mountain are well developed and well marked, quite different to the ones on the way up. Let’s run through the details of the most popular Montserrat trails on the mountain.

Easy Montserrat Hike: 50 minutes

First up an easy one that you can do in under an hour, the Montserrat Monastery hike to Els Degotalls.

This 3.2km trail should take under 50 minutes to complete there and back. It’s a peaceful walk with lots of time for reflection on mainly flat paths.

To access this Montserrat hiking trail, head towards the Montserrat Monastery car park. Next take the path to the left of the Mirador dels Apostals.

At the end of the Cami dels Degotalls hiking route, where you will turn around, you will see the Degotalls rock formation which used to have fresh water running from it.

Montserrat Hiking Map

Medium Montserrat Hike: 1 hour 30 minutes

To access the start of this Montserrat Barcelona hike, take the paved path in between the Montserrat cable car and Montserrat rack railway stations.

It’s a little steep but will take just 20 minutes to get to the lower station of the Santa Cova Funicular.

Continue along ‘The Path of the Rosary’ flanked by monuments and panoramic views. After around 20 minutes you’ll reach the base of St Paul’s Needle. A further 25 minutes will lead you to the chapel and Santa Cova grotto.

The length of the hike there and back is 2.7km and should take around 1 hour 30 minutes in total. You return on the same path but can of course take the Santa Cova funicular back up if you want to avoid the steep incline or are short on time.

Difficult Montserrat Hike: 2 hour 30 minutes

The Montserrat hiking trail up to the San Jeroni summit is by far the most rewarding hike. If you have the time, it’s definitely the one you should choose.

It has 360 degree views, not only over the whole of the Montserrat mountain range, but also over most of Catalonia. It’s insanely good and I don’t believe any photograph will ever do it justice. You simply have to see it to believe it.

James enjoying views on Montserrat Mountain

To find the start of this Montserrat hiking trail, walk past the Tourist Information Office with it on your left and follow the signs for Sant Jeroni. Signposts at regular intervals will point the direction and tell you approximately how much further there is to go to the summit.

There are some steep inclines in places and there are many steps in the final section. But it is a mainly paved path through some really pretty forest sections.

It took us around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach the summit. And one of the greatest viewpoints in Barcelona.

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Best Montserrat Barcelona Hike

You’ll want to factor in some time to spend at the top enjoying the views. Then you can either return to the Montserrat Monastery the same way or take a different, slightly longer route.

We chose the longer route and it took us the same amount of time (1 hour 15 minutes). Obviously we were going downhill so it was a little easier. 

On your way up you will notice a sharp incline through some woodland. It leads to a paved path T junction where there is a signpost marked ‘Pla dels Ocells’. You will take the right to continue up to Sant Jeroni summit.

But on your way back down, this is where you need to carry on straight forward instead of turning left down through the woodland.

Woodland Area on Montserrat HIking Trails
Montserrat Hiking Trails Signpost to Summit

After around half an hour downhill, you will come to the upper station of the Sant Joan funicular. There are some toilets here.

Walk past and straight forward up a wide paved path marked Pas dels Francesos and Monestir de Montserrat. Then keep descending all the way down to Montserrat Monastery.

There are so many more epic viewpoints for you to stop and give your knees a rest at.

Total hike time back to Montserrat Monastery is 2 hour 30mins. 

Montserrat Mountains and Monastery

Hiking in Montserrat Tips

It was a really hot day in late July when we did our Montserrat mountain hike. We each took two 1.5L bottles with us, refilling them and drinking over 4 litres each during the hike.

There is only one water fountain point and it is near the start of the Montserrat hiking trails to Sant Jeroni.

You can also buy water from the shops near the Montserrat Monastery, but it’s pretty pricey.

Visit Montserrat Mountain Facilities

If you’re after keeping your costs low, our advice for your Montserrat visit is to take your own picnic.

You can freeze your water bottles to keep your food chilled. There is a nice picnic area near the Montserrat Monastery where you can stop for lunch. Although disappointingly, it isn’t shaded.

If you have the option, it is best to visit Montserrat during the week, as in general, everything is less busy. You’ll also cut down on queuing times if you do choose to use the Montserrat cable car or funicular systems.

Also be extra careful with your belongings at Plaça Espanya in Barcelona. It’s a busy train station and a renowned hotspot for pickpockets. They will definitely target confused tourists looking for the correct platform for the Barcelona to Montserrat train.

Sarah on Montserrat Barcelona Hike

Planning to do the full Montserrat Barcelona hike from the bottom, right up to the summit and back? We recommend taking a Barcelona to Montserrat train before 9am.

This will allow you plenty of exploring time without worrying about missing the last train back.

Just to recap, these were our hiking times.

  • Montserrat de Aeri to Montserrat Monastery: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Montserrat Monastery to Sant Jeroni summit: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Sant Jeroni summit to Montserrat Monastery: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Montserrat Monastery to Monistrol de Montserrat: 1 hour 15 minutes

Total hiking time =  5 hours 15 minutes

When you’re following the Montserrat Barcelona hike signposts, pay very close attention. Monistrol de Montserrat. i.e. Monistrol village, is very similar to Monestir de Montserrat, i.e. Montserrat Monastery. 

They are, however, in completely different directions. Don’t get the two mixed up.

Montserrat Barcelona Weather

Montserrat Barcelona has a mountain climate, it is very exposed to the elements. In the summer months it gets very hot as there is little shade. But it will also likely be chillier that the ground below and certainly Barcelona city. 

It can often be foggy and gets very windy at the Sant Jeroni Montserrat summit. There are also lots of little micro climates with temperatures changing rapidly.

The best time to visit Montserrat is May to September when you can mostly expect temperatures between 20-25°C. The warmest months are July and August. There are higher chances of rain in October and November. October can be very wet.

If you are coming on a Montserrat day trip from Barcelona it’s best to dress in layers you can easily take on and off.

Visit Montserrat Packing List

Montserrat Mountains Near Barcelona

Montserrat Accommodation Options

Fancy visiting Montserrat on more than a one day trip from Barcelona? Perhaps to explore more of the Montserrat hiking trails?

Here’s a few Montserrat accommodation options.

Affordable Luxury: Racó de Ingrid a Montserrat

This beautiful apartment is situated just 100 yards from Monistrol de Montserrat train station and rack railway that can take you to Montserrat Monastery. The apartment is composed of a bedroom, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom.

It also benefits from air-conditioning, has a sauna, access to an outdoor swimming pool and a spacious terrace with stunning views looking out over the Montserrat mountains. If you are coming straight from the airport the owners also provide a private transfer service.

Mid Range: Hotel Abat Cisneros Montserrat

Positioned in an excellent location right by Montserrat Monastery, guests are able to visit the Black Madonna early or later in the day to avoid any crowds. This Montserrat hotel has crazy beautiful views out over the mountains and the Llobregat Valley below.

The rooms are spacious, comfortable and all come with a private bathroom. The breakfast buffet has excellent reviews, as does the onsite bar and restaurant. There is parking available nearby and a 24-hour front desk.

Cheap & Cheerful: Alberg Abat Oliba Hostel

Located just 650 yards from Aeri de Montserrat, this Montserrat accommodation is a great base for exploring the area. It has a well equipped shared kitchen, WiFi throughout the property, and good breakfast included in the price. 

Newly refurbished, all rooms have a private bathroom with shower. There are lots of different size rooms to choose from, all with large lockers to securely store your belongings and plug sockets next to each bed. 

If you have any further information to add from your own Montserrat Barcelona Hike, have any questions, or have time to tell us whether you found our information on Montserrat useful so we can write more articles like this, please leave a comment below.

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