Best Moroccan Restaurants & Cafes in Tangier

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Looking for the best restaurants in Tangier? Look no further!

Owing to the melting pot of cultures that is Tangier on the North coast of Morocco, there is an abundance of different cuisines available. From Spanish to Syrian and Italian to Indian you’re sure to find it here. And then of course there’s the Moroccan food.

best places to eat in tangier

Which we will be exclusively focusing on in this blog post! So if that’s what’s tickling your tastebuds, read on for the best places to eat in Tangier for traditional Moroccan food. 

Best Restaurants in Tangier

Now most of the Tangier restaurants on this list serve food throughout the day. But we’ve noted them down here under breakfast, lunch and dinner sections for when we think each Tangier restaurant is at its best.

best cafes in tangier

Hungry? Let’s dig in!

Best Tangier Cafes For Breakfast

Gran Cafe Central 

With the prime spot in Petit Socco, this popular Tangier cafe is an awesome choice for both breakfast and people watching. The inside has two huge fish tanks, but the outside terrace is where it’s at. Top menu choices are the Croque Central Mixt, Reghallef and Khilie.

Tangier food Khilie

If you aren’t sure what these are, be sure to check out our ‘What To Eat in Morocco’ guide.

Patisserie Bab Al Madina

Located on Grand Socco, this Tangier restaurant serves food all day, but in our opinion breakfast is the time to come. Again the Tagine Khilie is a winner here. But the ‘Moroccan’ and ‘Bab Madina’ breakfasts which come with a selection of fresh breads are superb.

Breakfast in Tangier

Cafe A L’anglaise

At first glance you might write this place off thinking it serves English breakfasts and who comes to Morocco for a fry up? We very nearly did! But the menu here couldn’t be further from that. And if you want the best omelette you’ll taste in Tangier, this is your spot. 

Cafe A L’anglaise Tangier

Tangier Restaurant For Lunch 

Salon Bleu

With a viewpoint over the Kasbah to rival any of these best restaurants in Tangier, this is a must visit lunch spot. The deal here is that you order an array of small dishes called kémias. It’s pretty cool because you get to try a variety of different Moroccan flavours. 

Salon Bleu Tangier Restaurant For Lunch

Restaurant Rif Kebdani 

The decor of this favourite Tangier restaurant is as aesthetically pleasing as the food is delicious. The Moroccan soup is a winner here. As are any of the chicken tagines, although our favourite has to be the Tangine Rif. The service is excellent to boot. 

Best Places to Eat in Tangier For Dinner

Riad Al Andalous Restaurant

Totally deserving of a spot on this list of best restaurants in Tangier, this place not only serves some of the best tagines in town but also has live traditional music and awesome service. There’s lots of space so it’s also a great place for larger groups. 

traditional moroccan restaurants in Tangier

Chez Hassan

Testament to the quality of food and friendly service, the handful of tables at this delightful Tangier restaurant are nearly always packed out. Everything here is good, but the brochettes de poisson mixte or mixed fish skewers should be your first choice. 

best seafood restaurant in tangier Chez Hassan

Restaurant Ahlen

From the outside you’d be forgiven for walking past this unassuming gem of a restaurant. But when it comes to traditional Moroccan affair, this is some of the best food in tangier. Menu favourites are grilled sardines, the white beans, the lentils and any of the tagines.

cheap restaurants in Tangier

Best Cafes in Tangier For Awesome Views

Cafe Chorouk

We happened upon this very local Tangier cafe by complete accident and were very glad. Skip the smoke filled interior and head straight for the modest terrace because the view from there is anything but. The mint tea is served with a delightful twist of Jasmine flowers. 

Tangier cafes with best views

Cafe Tingis

Tucked along one side of Petit Socco, this is one of the Tangier cafes that are synonymous with the literature greats of the Beat Generation that hung out in Morocco. As soon you walk through the door you can feel the history exuding from this place. 

Cafe Tingis Tangier Petit Socco

Cafe Hafa

Located along the cliff top overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, the view alone means this spot scores highly on any ‘best cafes in tangier’ list. Unsurprisingly it has been a source of creative inspiration for many artists and has a long list of famous clientele. 

Cafe Hafa View

Tanger Moments Cultural Cafe

Last but by no means least, the rooftop hideaway of this beautifully decorated Tangier cafe is perfect for escaping the busy crowds of the Medina below. The service is as welcoming as the delicious mint tea and stunning view. An absolute must.

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