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Best Restaurants In Gracia Barcelona

During the three months that we were based in Gracia Barcelona, we ate out a lot and got to know all the best things to do in Barcelona. Whether you’re after cheap eats in Barcelona such as a menu del dia, or an affordable late night tapas bar, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona.

Best Restaurants In Gracia Barcelona

This guide to the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona not only brings you some of the most cost effective ways to experience Barcelona, but also some of the city’s tastiest food.

If you are staying in the Gracia neighbourhood Barcelona during your trip, we’re confident this is all the information you will need when it comes to stuffing your face.

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Menu del Dia Restaurants Gracia Barcelona

Okay let’s kick off with our favourite way to eat out in Barcelona, the ‘menu of the day’, or ‘menu del dia’ in Spanish. Three magic little words that will get you the absolute best value meal in Barcelona.

Basically put it’s a three course meal, usually with three or four options for each course. Plus you get a side of bread and a glass of wine, beer or water.

The menu del dia in Barcelona are only served at lunchtime, usually between 1 – 4pm, with an average price of €10-12. Of course, at each of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona this may vary slightly, as do the menus on offer.

Got your taste buds’ attention? Let’s dig into the best menu del dia restaurants in Gracia Barcelona for your Barcelona trip itinerary.

La Trini

Address: Carrer de Verdi, 30, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3 or Joanic on line 4

Kicking off our list of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona is La Trini, an awesome little eatery right in the heart of Gracia Barcelona. There are a lot of restaurants on Carrer de Verdi, but this is one that stands out.

Due to its popularity it gets busy everyday of the week so it’s best to head there at the start of lunchtime in Gracia Barcelona.

Menu del Dia at La Trini Gracia Barcelona

The service is friendly and efficient. The menu is translated to English and some waiters speak English too if your Spanish or Catalan isn’t up to scratch.

When we went we had risotto with spinach and roquefort to start, baked sardines with parsley as the second course and cheesecake for desert. Paired with a nice glass of red. It was good. And all for €10.50 each.

La Trini Restaurant in Gracia Barcelona

Casa Pagès

Address: Carrer de la Llibertat, 19, 08012 Barcelona
Nearest Metro: Diagonal on line 3 or Verdaguer on line 4

We found this restaurant on the last day of our three months living in Gracia Barcelona and can’t believe we only had the chance to go once! It’s a rustic, family run, typical taverna style place. And the food, service and price are simply excellent.

We had a menu del dia of authentic Catalan cuisine with wine for just €10.50. There isn’t an English menu but waiters can translate for you.

Casa Pages Best Restaurants in Gracia Barcelona

Having been running the restaurant since 1982, the owner Pedro sure knows a thing or two about good food and hospitality.

There is also a restaurant just around the corner run by his son Alberto called Cafe Pages, which we’ve featured below.

Casa Pages Menu Gracia Barcelona

Verdi Dinou

Address: Carrer de Verdi, 19, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3 or Joanic on line 4

Another great choice in the heart of the Gracia neighbourhood Barcelona, this restaurant had only been open a few days when we first went in and we were impressed from the off.

The space inside is light and airy and the detailed finishing touches make it feel like a real classy place. Verdi Dinou is definitely one of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona.

Pouring Wine at Verdi Dinou Gracia Barcelona

The service is top notch and although the menu is only available in Catalan or Spanish, most of the waiters speak English, and French actually. So you won’t be stuck.

Any of the first or second seafood courses they do here are excellent. And with an accompaniment of red wine and desert, you can’t go wrong at €10.50 for a delicious 3 course meal.

Menu del dia at Verdi Dinou Gracia Barcelona

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Address: Carrer de Verdi, 28, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3 or Joanic on line 4

If you fancy a twist on the traditional Catalan menu del dia offerings while in Gracia Barcelona, this is an excellent option for you.

Askadinya is a Palestinian Arabic restaurant, right in the heart of the stunning Gracia neighborhood and serves up some seriously tasty, homemade style grub.

Askadinya Best Restaurants in Gracia Barcelona

A three course menu del dia with a glass of wine is served between 1-3pm is just €9.90 each. An easy recommendation for the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona, this is one of our favourites and always hit the spot.

The restaurant interior is beautifully designed, as is every plate of food. Also if you are vegetarian, this is a great choice because they have lots of options.

Askadinya Menu Gracia Barcelona

La Bicicleta

Address: Carrer de Verdi, 65, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3 or Joanic on line 4

This choice on our best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona lineup is a great one for both vegetarian and vegans. The do have meat options also.

A slightly hipster, more cafe style place, the menu del dia with a glass of wine here is €12 each. And you can’t miss it because it has an old bike hanging off the front of the restaurant.

Menu del dia at La Bicycleta Gracia Barcelona

If you need to catch up on some emails or do a bit of work, La Bicicleta is a good place for that too. It’s a versatile hangout spot that also becomes part of the bar scene in Gracia Barcelona later in the day, opening until midnight.

Cafe Pagès

Address: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 27, 08012 Barcelona

Nearest Metro: Verdaguer on line 4 or line 5

Just around the corner from Casa Pagès, you’ll find the wonderful Cafe Pagès. If you’re thinking that the names are strikingly similar then you’d be correct. Owned by the same family, Cafe Pagès is run by the son of the owners of Casa Pagès.

Menu del dia Cafe Pages

With its back and white checkered tile floor and mood lighting, Cafe Pagès is Casa Pagès’ more modern, stylish upstart of a younger sister. But though the interior may look more up to date, don’t be fooled. The food is still as trad as it gets, with very minor contemporary twists.

Cafe Pagès offers simple Catalan food, superbly executed, in chic yet comfortable surroundings. It’s got a very local feel to it and you don’t find too many tourists in there making it one of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona to make you feel like a local.

Cafe Pages Restuarant Gracia Barcelona

The menu del dia here costs €10.50 for three courses and a drink and dishes are likely to include simply prepared fish or seafood, pastas, roasted meats and classic desserts like flan or crema Catalana. 

La Singular

Address: Carrer de Francisco Giner, 50, 08012 Barcelona

Nearest Metro: Diagonal on line 3 or line 5 

Located on one of our favourite streets in Barcelona, just off the gorgeous Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia with its towering clock tower, is the renowned La Singular. It’s long been considered one of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona and its growing reputation means it attracts a crowd of both locals and foreigners alike.

La Singular Restaurant Gracia

The inspiration behind the menu is as diverse as La Singular’s clientele. Despite a strong of Catalan base, dishes incorporate influences from all over the globe. They’re experts at merging bold, unusual flavours into familiar dishes. 

On our visit the menu del dia included pork escalopes with a raspberry and mustard sauce. On the menu you’ll find things like zucchini carpaccio, smoked salmon and passion fruit vinaigrette or duck breast with passion fruit sauce, bananas and pistachios. 

Menu del Dia La Singular

But rather than being gimmicky, the chefs here really make it work. The end result is experimental fusion food that’s full of sumptuous flavours that you’ll never have tried before in your life. The menu del dia comes in at €11 for three courses and a drink.

Bar Casi

Address: Carrer de Massens, 74, 08024 Barcelona

Nearest Metro: Lesseps on line 3

If you’re after no-frills, rustic, neighbourhood charm then Bar Casi is your place. Slightly off the tourist trail, it’s located somewhere between Park Guell and the heart of Gracia village and if you didn’t know, you’d probably walk straight past without so much as a glance.

Bar Casi Gracia Barcelona

However, what a mistake you’d be making. While the decor is nothing to write home about, the welcome you receive in this family run bar/restaurant and the topnotch food that they churn out easily makes it a contender for one of the very best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona.

The cooking is uber-traditional and delightfully unpretentious. But when you’re doing stuff this simple, the cooking has to be on point, something which Bar Casi is famous for. The food is uncomplicated and they let the ingredients speak for themselves to great effect.

Menu del dia at Bar Casi Gracia Barcelona

As an added bonus, if you’re drinking wine, you’ll get an entire bottle dropped on your table. At €12.50 for the menu del dia, the price here is slightly more expensive than most on this list, but it’s well worth it. You’re welcomed in like family and will go away completely content.

Estel de Gracia

Address: Carrer de Francisco Giner, 23, 08012 Barcelona

Nearest Metro: Diagonal on line 3 or line 5

Just a stone’s throw from La Singular and also located on Carrer de Francisco Giner, we stumbled across Estel de Gracia by accident. After taking a cheeky peek at the trendy interior and casting an eye over the menu, we resolved to come back. 

Estel de Gracia Restauarnt Gracia Barcelona

The decor is nothing short of gorgeous, with design a self-declared focus for the owners here. But there’s no way Estel could be accused of style over substance. Thankfully, the attention to detail follows through into the food. 

This place produces impeccably presented dishes bursting with flavour making it a firm favourite among the people lucky enough to find it. Mediterranean specialities sit effortlessly alongside plates from further afield.

Menu del dia Estel de Gracia Restaurant Barcelona

A quick glance at its online reviews cements its place as one of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona. The menu costs a reasonable €10.90 and includes three courses plus a drink. 

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Tapas Bars In Gracia Neighbourhood Barcelona

Next up on our list of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona, we’re digging into our favourite places to enjoy some affordable top class tapas.

These are not only some of the best places to eat in Gracia, but also in the whole of Barcelona city. So if you’re searching for ‘cheap eats Barcelona’ but don’t want to compromise on quality or taste, look no further.


Address: Carrer de Verdi, 39, 08012 Barcelona
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3 or Joanic on line 4

Every time we went in this tapas bar in Gracia Barcelona, we loved it. We simply cannot recommend this place enough. Gasterea serves up some of the best tapas in Barcelona. Seriously. It is so delicious.

And the guys welcome you into the bar like you’re an old friend they’ve known for years. Hands down one of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona.

Gasterea Tapas Bar in Gracia Barcelona

It’s a great price too, with tapas costing just €4.50 and pinchos €1.90 each. There’s a buffet of cold pinchos on display, or you can request anything to be cooked off the tapas or hot pinchos selection.

It’s a long thin restaurant with the bar running down one side, but what this place lacks in space, it more than makes up for in service and taste. Don’t miss it.


Address: Raspall, Carrer Samsó, 8, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3, Joanic on line 4 or Verdaguer on line 4 and 5

We happened upon this next recommendation of our best restaurants in Barcelona when we got lost while exploring the Gracia area of Barcelona. And then went back multiple times during our stay.

Lively and welcoming, the staff quite literally chalk your bar tab up on the bar in front of. The menu is only on a chalkboard in Catalan but the staff can describe it in English to you.

Front of Rascal Bar in Gracia Barcelona

Or you can choose to play tapas roulette as we did. Everything is delicious, even the tripe stew we had, so you don’t need to worry at all about what you’re ordering.

And price wise they have some great deals of €2 for one tapas and a cana (small beer) or €12.95 for a whole bottle of wine and five tapas dishes. Definitely put this place on your Barcelona itinerary.

Bottle of red wine & tapas on bar

La Pepita

Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 343, 08037 Barcelona
Nearest Metro: Diagonal on line 3 and 5 or Verdaguer on line 4 and 5

Okay okay, let’s take things up a notch. We’ll admit La Pepita is slightly more on the pricier side than we usually go for but this tapas menu is divine.

You need to get there early though because you can’t reserve tables, it’s super popular and it’s a first come first serve basis. It opens at 7pm.

La Pepita Best Restaurants in Gracia Barcelona

Everything we tried on this menu was a real treat but you have to try the salted caramel anchovies, yes they are a thing! Prices per tapas dish range from €5 – €14 but trust us it’s worth the splurge.

And you can even leave a permanent mark by signing your name on the wall. There’s nothing not to love about this entry in the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona.

Salted Anchoives La Pepita Tapas Bar Gracia Barcelona

El Bodegón

Address: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 38, 08012 Barcelona
Nearest Metro: Verdaguer on line 4 and 5

Have you ever been in a place where your dinner is hanging from the ceiling? No?! Intrigued? In that case you must try out El Bodegón in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona.

From the outside it just looks like a regular restaurant bar, but inside hundreds of hams are hanging from the ceiling, drying. True story. It’s unusual and cool.

Hams on ceiling inside Chatelet Bar in Gracia Barcelona

They serve the ham they are drying on some delicious tapas dishes, a must try is the ham croquettes and the nachos. Plus the beers are large & cheap, so is the cava.

This was one of our favourite hangouts while we were living in the neighbourhood of Gracia and is an easy entry for our best restaurants in Barcelona guide.

Sol de Nit

Address: Plaça del Sol, 9, 08012 Barcelona, Spain 
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3

Barcelona is full of pretty, busy squares where you can while away hours eating and drinking. But they don’t come much better than Placa del Sol in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Lined with stunning architecture, green trees and the home of one of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona, put eating here on your Barcelona itinerary.

Sol de Nit Restaurant in Gracia Barcelona

You might have to wait a little to sit in one of the prime spots outside Sol de Nit but it’s worth it. They do a mean Sangria and some seriously delicious tapas. Be sure to try the camembert and the courgette chips.

A couple of drinks and few tapas will cost you around €15 each. There is an English menu and waiters speak some English too.

Eating tapas outside at Sol de Nit in Gracia Barcelona

Cheap Eats in Gracia Barcelona

If you are just after more of a snack while you are out and about in the Gracia neighbourhood Barcelona, there’s a couple of places we would recommend grabbing a bite to eat from. Places we went back to time and time again when we were staying in Gracia Barcelona. Here are our last entries on our inventory of the best restaurants in Barcelona.


Address: Carrer d’Astúries, 20, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3

First up, pizza! We know, not a typically Spanish thing to eat in Barcelona. However, we can guarantee this pizza will be some of the best to pass your lips.

Bought by the slice, they have a selection of both vegetarian and carnivore options. Depending on what time of day it is, there can sometimes be quite a queue. But it’s popular for a reason with €2.50 pizza slices.

Micaela Pizzeria Gracia Barcelona

Bar Virreina

Address: Plaça de la Virreina, 1, 08024 Barcelona, Spain
Nearest Metro: Fontana on line 3 or Joanic on line 4

And last but by no means least, our go to restaurant in Gracia Barcelona for a good priced, nice chilled glass of red. Yes more often than not, that’s how red wine is drunk in Barcelona and it is delicious.

There may be a wait for an outside table at Bar Virreina. But you won’t regret it when you get your gob around the bocadillo con pernil de pais, or ‘sandwich of the country’ in Spanish.

Placa de Virreina in Gracia Barcelona

Looking for Somewhere to Stay in Barcelona?

The neighbourhood of Gracia is full of independent bars, restaurants, and designer boutiques, and feels like a separate village within the city.

Its long, narrow streets are lined with trees and there are lots of cool squares to chill out in.

It neighbours the El Carmel district where the bunkers are and is totally possible to walk to them from.

It’s also where you’ll find Park Guell, is close to La Sagrada Familia, and just a short metro ride or 20-30 minute walk from the centre of town.

In our opinion it’s by far the best area to stay in Barcelona.

Bear in mind that the best budget accommodation in Barcelona gets booked up well in advance. So to avoid disappointment get your reservations made ASAP.

Here are our top recommendations for where to stay in Gracia:

Affordable Luxury: Hotel Barcelona 1882 is just a stone’s throw from the Sagrada Familia. And from its roof terrace you’ll get stunning views of this beautiful building. There’s also an incredible rooftop pool and bar up there for relaxing in the evenings.

The spacious rooms are soundproof and come equipped with flat screen TVs, air con, and everything else you’d expect from a 4* hotel. Rooms come with large windows meaning they’re extremely bright and sunny, with some even boasting panoramic vies of the city.

Midrange: Hotel BestPrice Gracia‘s name sums it up nicely. You won’t find a better priced, more comfortable hotel in the area, particularly not when you consider how nice it is.

Simply and tastefully decorated, rooms here come with everything you need to relax after a day of sightseeing. Air con, flat screen TVs with satellite, private bathrooms with free toiletries and hairdryers come as standard.

Cheap & Cheerful: Sant Jordi Gracia is a modern, stylish hostel with a trendy vibe. Dorms are air conditioned and everywhere is impeccably clean.

There are also lots of cool areas to hang out and meet fellow travellers. These include a rooftop terrace, the shared kitchen and a big common room.

Enjoy Barcelona! And if you find any more additions you think should make this list of the best restaurants in Gracia Barcelona, drop us a comment below.

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Adrian Molina

Wednesday 11th of December 2019

I see someone loves food just like me 😁 Gracia is a great place to explore many great spots for food. I own a food tour company next time you're in town let me know. I will show you some other cool spots off the radar.

James McAlister

Wednesday 11th of December 2019

Hey Adrian, yes we love food! We're not sure when we'll be in Gracia again but we'll definitely get in touch :-)


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

I cannot believe I haven't made it to Barcelona yet! But I do plan to go in 2019 so I've come across your post at the right time. I'm going to have a tough time choosing the places to go to, though. I love the look and feel of Casa Pagès, because it's family run and a typical 'taverna' style, something I'd love to experience. Also, a tapas bar, Raspall?

Sarah McAlister

Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Ah that's awesome to hear you're planning a trip. The Gracia neighbourhood is a great place to be based precisely because of all these restaurants. Cafe Pages and Raspall are two of our favs so I'd say try and make time for both if you can!


Tuesday 9th of October 2018

I went on a Devour Barcelona tour in the Gracia neighborhood and all the places we visited were my favorite that I ate at my entire trip there. Gracia is such a cute neighborhood and I love that there are so many family-run establishments that have been part of the history of the neighborhood. I still dream about the pickled anchovy, bomba and other things we tried there. Yum!

Looks like you've rounded up even more spots I should try if I ever head back to Barcelona.

Sarah McAlister

Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Yep Gracia is for sure on of the top spots in the city when it comes to authentic food. Hope you manage to get back there soon! Thanks for commenting Jennifer.


Tuesday 9th of October 2018

I just love the three magic words :) Verdi Dinou definitely sounds like an awesome place but Gasterea and Micaela sound like they would be my faves. Because pizza :D

Sarah McAlister

Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Ha ha! Yeah with so many great places it can be difficult to choose. Thanks for taking the time to comment Lisa.


Tuesday 9th of October 2018

I miss Barcelona!! I used to live in the Gothic Quarter so didn't explore Gracia as much - but the food is always so much better up there than around La Rambla! I really liked El Glop, the black rice there was insane, but anywhere with baked sardines gets my vote too!

Sarah McAlister

Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Ah wow! That's awesome. We missed El Glop! Thanks for the tip Claire - look forward to heading there next time we are back.