7 Reasons Why Downtime is Important When You’re Travelling

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Travelling is not all first class flights, beautiful beaches and amazing adventures. Sometimes we all need a duvet day and some comfort food no matter where we are. Here are 7 reasons why downtime is important when you travel.


1. Travelling is exhausting

The actual moving from place to place bit. Long haul flights, bus journeys and discovering a new city by foot all take their toll.

James - rare luxury of a backpacker A rare luxury for a backpacker

2. You need the lows to appreciate the highs

Keep in mind that a bad day travelling is better than a good day at work. But the bad ones make the good ones even more special.   


3. Sometimes you don’t sleep

Amorous couples in your bunk beds, loud groups of beered up revellers and overnight coach journeys with seats that don’t recline have all cost us a night’s sleep. Sometimes we’re even the ones doing the partying…


4. You still have life admin

From organising your banking, researching destinations and backing up photos, to searching for cheap flights. It all takes time.

5. Burnout is bad

Many travellers no longer feel the same spark of excitement they did when they set off. You can get sick of temples, sunsets and beaches if you don’t give yourself time to process how awesome they are.

James on a park at Hong Kong Doing some processing in Hong Kong

6. You are constantly “on”

Trying to get the hang of a new currency or language whilst keeping your whits about you in unfamiliar surroundings takes concentration.

7. Doing stuff is expensive

Paying for tours, attraction entrance fees and eating and drinking out quickly adds up. Doing nothing costs nothing.

James sitting on a bench Sitting on a bench with a shirt on your head is free

So if you’re lucky enough to be travelling, it’s important to allow yourself some downtime to recharge. Sometimes doing nothing is just as important as the exciting things you have planned.


James on the beach with text overlay 7 reasons why downtime is important when you're travelling

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