5 Tips to Save Money Whilst Travelling as a Couple

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Just by virtue of being one half of a couple, you’re already on track to saving yourselves a vast amount of money. Sorry solo travellers, it’s an unfortunate fact that things are often cheaper when done in multiples! Here are our top tips on ways for couples to make your budget stretch that little bit further.

1. Be flexible on where you stay

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Which is cheapest?

If you’re happy to sleep anywhere (within reason) then you will always find the best deal. Sometimes the cheapest option will be to stay in a dorm room in a hostel, other times a private room and sometimes an Airbnb or even a hotel will come up trumps. Of course, this means  you may spend the occasional week in separate beds, but if it keeps you on the road for longer or frees up some cash for that expensive activity you wanted to do then it’s all worth it.

2. Learn to Walk

James and Sarah - learn to walk

Pounding the pavement

Obviously not literally, but learn to LOVE to walk. We regularly clock up between 10-20 miles in a single day when we’re out and about. And believe me when I say that we probably didn’t do that in most weeks back in the UK. One thing that you always have on your hands is time, and with a bit of planning it’s surprising how far you can get on just your two legs. Although this isn’t necessarily a tip only for couples, you both have to be up for it or it won’t work. Trams, metros and busses can be pretty expensive, but even if they’re not, walking is still the best way to get to really soak up the sights, the smells and the atmosphere in any destination. So get yourselves some solid, comfortable footwear, open up google maps and hit the Tarmac.


3. Do Your Own Thing


I tend to end up at a food establishment buying something tasty like this when I’m out and about by myself

Whilst you’re travelling as a couple you’ll be spending a lot of time together, but sometimes your interests may not necessarily align. If one of you wants to go off and do something that the other isn’t so keen on, then one of you go off and do it! You’re saving half the cost and it also gives you that much needed bit of time apart.

4. Divide your Responsibilities and Become Experts


Sarah’s plans scribbled on a map

Don’t be jacks of all trades. I book all flights and accommodation and I’ve got better and better as time has gone on. Because of this, I know for a fact we’re always getting the best deal possible. Sarah researches our day to day activities and keeps a strict eye on the budget, noting down every penny that we spend so we know exactly where our money is going. These defined roles mean both that we’re not duplicating work, but also that we have become experts in our respective duties.

5. Share Your Stuff


A single iPad between us

This may sound obvious but we’ve met countless couples on the road with two Spotify accounts, two laptops, two cameras, two iPads, two… everything! Why?! It equates to extra weight to carry around, extra money forked out in the first place and extra ongoing monthly payments. So when planning what to pack, It just makes sense to share as much as you possibly can to ensure you effectively halve the cost.

So there you have it, proof that travelling with your other half is even cheaper than flying solo.


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sunset on the beach 5 tips to save money whilst travelling as a couple